USA Today - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune proves PS3 is here to play (8/10)

Marc Saltzman of Gannett News Service reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for USA Today.

Conclusion: "The high production values will attract you to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but its tense game play will keep you glued to the TV. Armchair adventurers might feel a bit of deja vu with the many borrowed Tomb Raider -like elements, but you won't be disappointed with this polished and immersive single-player journey."

Score: 8 stars (out of 10)

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lockload3827d ago

Fair score but i would recommend a rental as i regret buying it as its too short and no multiplayer or replayability/story branching

the worst3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

go rent her
no replay value
get the [email protected] out of here xboxtroll
you dont have a ps3
your broke ass

remix3827d ago


LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

If this game is so freaking great then why did it only sell 200k copies. The PS3 has yet to sell over 1 million copies of any game.

Cue all the disagrees!

Seriously, prove with a link that a single PS3 game broke a hasn't. I love my 360 and I will never buy a PS3 because of my satisfaction with it. All the multi system games are looking a lot better on the 360. Now that MS has brought in a multi-core specialist, the cores are only gonna get tapped even more.

You can't beat big business, MS has unlimited pockets and Sony's @ss is feeling the pain from it.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

EDIT - Like I predicted...disagrees but no one supplied proof. PS3 + Fanbase = Pathetic!

Bonsai12143827d ago

surely you've heard of resistance? oh yeah.. thats right. you don't listen to rational people talk.

and yeah, uncharted has a bunch of replay value. you've clearly never played the game.

Bonsai12143827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

double. my bad

Chaos Striker3827d ago

don't forget about Motorstorm as well.

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Crazyglues3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I loved the game, but I guess everyone has their own opinion. Maybe he just didn't get it, because I don't see how this game could get less then a 9.

I think it's the first game that really shows off the PS3 and sets the bar a little higher for games, it really looks stunning. I thought that the games feel and game play were really sweet. Not to mention the interaction from the other characters on the screen with you.

All done really well, I don't know maybe it's just me, but what more could you have really wanted from the game?

I mean what were you looking for in the game that you felt they didn't deliver, or could have been done better? (seriously, someone answer this, I would like to know?)

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

xboxrumble3827d ago

it's hard to comprehend why a game is not AAA but its still decent.

read #1 post and that is exactly what the game is. simple as that.

Ju3827d ago

Yes, I agree somehow. You read these reviews, everybody praises the game and then score: 8. And then you have those other games, you know, the 100th version of how to shoot someone, and then, 10. Weird.

dexterwang3827d ago

Agree with crazy... they game is perfect in almost every way... an absolute blast to play

It really disgusts me when people who never played the game be4 bashes a game, be it ps3ers bashing halo and mass effect and xboxers on ratchet and uncharted. If you played it and there's a problem you have with it then its fair, but if your blindly bashing and calling people who played and loved the game a fanboy then theres something seriously wrong with you

Probotector3827d ago

It's because this game is not an AAA. But good score nonetheless.

JIN KAZAMA3827d ago

This game has no replay value?? Hey XBOT are you CRAZYY??? I have the DEMO, and that alone has TONS of replay value, so STFU and go play your Halo 2.1.


stuntman_mike3827d ago

Plus, every few minutes you will be treated to a short cinematic interlude to help push the story along. There are more than 100 minutes of these high-quality non-interactive sequences.

sounds like he just came out of the 17th century or something, next he will be saying " oh these hand paddle's let you make the little character on the picture box move around, how quaint"

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