IGN: Minecraft XBLA: A Treat for Console Gamers

IGN: While some savvy 360 owners have been playing Minecraft knock offs for some time now, the rest of you will get your chance to try the real deal in Spring of 2012. It isn't going to have all the features of its PC counterpart when it releases, but the XBLA version of Mojang's fantastic open-world create-anything-you-want game is still fun and addictive. And it has at least one component that all Minecraft players should envy.

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aviator1892380d ago

I haven't gotten around to trying minecraft on the pc yet, but I think I'll check this out.

TopDudeMan2380d ago

I wonder if it's just a timed exclusive and if it'll be coming to PSN later? I would like to play minecraft, just not on my PC.

Pacman3212380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

It will most likely come to PSN after a year or two, like most exclusive xbox games do (Limbo, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden).

Grip2380d ago

it's developed by some studio Owned by Microsoft.. so don't get ur hopes up. i know Microsoft don't Own the IP but still u can't PORT the Game from studio Owned by Microsoft. u will have to start from the Ground

TopDudeMan2380d ago

A PC to xbox port is easier than a PC to PS3 port, but I'm still hoping they do it.

yesmynameissumo2380d ago

It's developed by 4J studios, which isn't owned by MS. Otherwise we would have never got Oblivion or Overlord on PS3. Microsoft Game studios is publishing it, as they do all XBLA games. As Pacman321 said, it will most likely be on PSN within a year, like most Xbox "exclusives".

Chaoshead2379d ago

Microsoft Game studios didn't publishing all XBLA game

Pikajew2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

You can play it on your PC easily, its not like you need a powerful PC.

So no one can miss out on this game

aviator1892380d ago

Yeah, that's true. But I think some people just prefer a game controller for their games rather than a mouse, despite the mouse's accuracy.

Pwnage182022379d ago

I would love to see this on ps3 i mean its cool how its on xbox but it would be very cool to see it on ps3!!!