IGN: Scrolls: Everything We Know

IGN: I've seen Scrolls, but I doubt it'll be the same game when it releases. If one thing stands out from the various demos I've seen of it here at Minecon, it's that the team hasn't decided on much of anything yet. Sure, they have the basic systems in place, but a large portion of the game is still being fleshed out, with future player input playing a big part in the game's future development.

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OcularVision2315d ago

Scrolls will sell really well in the beginning due to loyalty. Then the sales will plummet because nobody is interested in that genre. I'm psychic like that.

Shackdaddy8362315d ago

If it comes out as a phone game, I might buy it.

Trainz2315d ago

I remember reading that bethesda tried to claim copyright about this game somewhere.