Will there be an Uncharted Racing?

Uncharted has a very wide fan base with people from all ages. What could be Naughty Dog be cooking up next? We already know about the PS Vita game, Golden Abyss, but will there be another game for the PS3?

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golsilva2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

has anyone noticed the similarity between the setting for the jak games and the uncharted games. the first of both series had a jungle, lush green environment and the third one both featured the desert prominently. only the second one is different where uncharted 2 was more about snow and jak 2 had a more urban feel.

Thatguy-3102285d ago

doubt it.. the type of racers that were made of the crash franchise and jak aren't really seen in this gen. The only one that comes to mind is modnation. Plus Uncharted is in a whole nother level if you compare it to naughty dog's previous franchise. The whole race thing wouldnt fit the characters like they did in crash and jak

IRetrouk2285d ago

what about go karts in a realistic setting, no power ups just realistic looking tracks with realistic looking karts, have the characters taking a day off from adventuring and just having fun at a karting event?

Thatguy-3102284d ago

No power UPS would just make the game pointless and no fun at all. Do you actually think ND would make a game that will try rivalry with need for speed and those other racing games? Naw they know their audience this gen.

IRetrouk2284d ago

why would it need to rival nfs? if they do a kart game it would be nothing like nfs, as for no power ups, how about having dynamic events being triggered in the tracks by the players? you know like split second?

xxxAnubisxxx2285d ago

Huh... Never looked at Naughty Dog's release structure like that.

showtimefolks2285d ago

I think in 2 years we will see a new uncharted games on ps3. But if I am Sony I have 2 options release a new uncharted. Game in 2 years an than not have a uncharted game at launch with ps4 or let ND do a JAK game and have a uncharted game ready at kaynch for ps4.

Think about this

Killzone 4
Uncharted 4 launching on ps4 and showing what the new system is capable of.

I am a huge fan but I feel like uncharted series could get a 3 years break and than launch in fall 2014 because that's when I think we will see ps4.

With jak hd collection coming soon and It will do quite well I think Sony should seriously consider jak as the next game from ND

Pixel_Enemy2285d ago

I couldn't agree more. Killzone 4 and Uncharted 4 would be AMAZING launch titles for PS4. I would be weak at the knees as I dump my wallet on the counter to pick them all up day one!

ginsunuva2285d ago

Ya they should do a jak now and uc4 for ps4.

aPerson2285d ago

If Naughty Dog aren't interested in developing Jak 4, Sony should let Sanzaru Games develop it. They're doing a great job with Sly 4.

Black-Helghast2285d ago

Yes omg! I've been waiting for a Jak 4 for more than 7 years...I've also been waiting for Megaman X9 but that'll never happen. </3 But I still have hope for a Jak 4. Please ND, make it happen.

showtimefolks2285d ago

i got that ps2 disk where its megaman x collection

and i also hope for a new megaman i can't believe capcom did many megaman games yet not any in the X series

but here is hoping that after jak collection comes out sony will see that the fan base wants a new one. i am hoping for a announcement at e3

ps:i don't expect a new playstation home consoles atleat till fall 2014

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dcortz20272285d ago

No more Uncharted! A new Jak game please! Uncharted 4 for PS4.

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