IGN: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Second Opinions

IGN: Just about a month ago, I -- Greg Miller -- reviewed Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and gave it a 10. Since then, Naughty Dog unleashed the epic on the world, and plenty of people have their own opinion on the title. So, what does the rest of IGN think of Uncharted 3? Well...

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SoapShoes2430d ago

Ignoring the fanboy drivel above, Uncharted 3 is epic! I found it to be the best of the series.

miyamoto2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Yeah, IGN did a good job breaking the score down and thus justifying the 10/10 score reflecting the conscientiousness of the whole website.

This is how reviews must be presented the written review justifies the score.

This is like the great old times of EGM & Game Pro magazine.

All the staff have their say & its not just one person's opinion.

In fairness to U2, U3 had better game play, graphics, character design, bigger settings, online multi-player gameplay = technical superiority

In fairness to U3, U3 had better story premise & story telling, characters, comedy, sound, and unlockables = charm superiority

both deserve the perfect scores they have.

Thunderflash922429d ago

I agree, people are hating on this game for no reason and are trying to look for faults and glitches in it. That just shows what gaming is like today, also why dont some people just go try and find glitches in Skyrim, which probely has loads of them, its just sad when people try to give some games negative publicity.

This game deserves no less than a 10/10

MsclMexican2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I honestly hate gamers and reviewers now...

If you read this article on IGN and read the comments, its filled with Skyrim fanboy's complaining that IGN did not give Skyrim a 10 even though they do not understand that the game is filled with glitches and some annoying load times... THEY ARE COMPLAINING OVER A 9.5

But they ignore all the other perfect review scores, and for reasons unknown they attack Uncharted.

I mean fanboy wars kinda made sense back in the day's when it was Gears vs Uncharted, Ds vs Psp..

BUT SKYRIM VS UNCHARTED? They are not even in the same genre! The only similarity is that they are both GOTY contendors and both of them came out in November.

And then reviewers come out and act all high and mighty asking "why do you care about my score... I gave Uncharted a 5 and Im proud of it"

I would understand raging at that review because anyone who read it knows it is pure dribble, and the guy has never given a proper reason as to why he hates it.

Just watch

He just makes angry rants on it, and acts defensive when people attack him about it.

And then you have people in the press trying to back him up, saying that gamers are mentally deranged.

Truth is that everyone in this industry is FLIPPING DERANGED.

Gamers, reviewers, all of us.

Am I saying Im better than everyone else?

No Im messed up too.

You want an example? On N4G, there is this guy Jappy something, with a final fantasy avatar, and all he does is go onto Uncharted articles, say how crap the game is and then praises Skyrim...


It feels like we all live to fill some strange existence in the gaming world....

We all look at metacritc for metascores even though the system they have is ludicrous and makes no sense what so ever.

We all look at reviews even though we have no clue who they are or if their website even existed in the first place and we read them.

What I guess Im trying to say is that why can't gamers get along? Why can't we give of our own opinoins with out coming of as a total douche to one and other? Why do we care about GOTY'S?

We've changed and the truth is it is not for the better.

Oh.... I found Jappy, just doing his routine at the bottom... sigh

MysticStrummer2429d ago

The Uncharted series is great and in my opinion has improved with every release, but I've never played a game that deserved a perfect score.

_Aarix_2429d ago

Uncharted 3 was a major step down from
Uncharted 2. All the useless sand-filled chapters threw me off and a lot of other stuff, Just didnt Feel right. It's good but not better than uc2 and giving it a masterpiece Is way too much.

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xtremeimport2429d ago

I loved this game, just like i've loved all the Uncharted games. This one however, ended to easily. there was no real challenge I found near the end of the game. I know Uncharted 2 set the bar so ridiculously high that almost anything they do after that may seem to be missing "something". I also wish the game lasted a bit longer...but I really enjoyed my experience. I can not wait for the next chapter in whatever NaughtyDog does, whether it be Uncharted or something completely new.

pain777pas2429d ago

After playing Skyrim for about 6 hours today I can say that UC3 is still very much in the mix to take home a few GOTYs. I love Skyrim and everything but the more I play I start to see where a linear experience that I can finish and appreciate is welcome. I honestly thought that Skyrim would easily supplant UC3 for me. However, if I start playing UC3 right now I will play it to completion again because I now have an appreciation for the game and what it is trying to do. Masterpiece is the only word that describes the experience for me now. I do think that it has the best unpredictable gameplay in the series. The story is cool a little darker too than previous games. The game is all about using everything that you learned in the beginning of the game to survive some ridiculous firefights. For me my most memorable game will be UC3 this year. I am getting stronger in Skyrim and with a little money cheat I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Bioware, Bethesda just put Dragonage on notice and advised that you step your game up. Back to UC3... This is my GOTY. Entertaining, unpredictable gameplay situations and some cerebral mechanics that you may not know you have to master to have success like throwing back a grenade, stealth and melee. Oustanding voice acting, sound production etc... Great game.

TheFallenAngel2430d ago

I bought MW3 over Uncharted 3. I will get it during black friday because I'm in a very tight budget.

-Alpha2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

How did you manage to get into your budget? I can only get on top of mine.

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negroguy2429d ago

Will be getting this with battlefield 3 for $30 each black friday cant wait!

kingdavid2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

In my opinion, IGN jumped the gun with their 10 rating for U3. Its just a case of Greg Miller overating games as usual.

A 10/10 game should completely change gaming as a whole. Did U3 do this? No. Uncharted 2 maybe.

I love U3 but come on.. why give U2 9.5 and U3 a 10? Uncharted 3 is shorter and I thought the campaign was more fleshed out in U2 (story is told better with better villains etc.)

Would I say uncharted 3 had the same impact on me as ocarina of time, Pokemon Gold/silver or Metal Gear solid 4? Please..

Multiplayer and co-op in U3 however, excellent. Very good - no complaints there.

A solid 9/10 from me overall.

spunnups2429d ago

Nice assessment. While I love U3, it didn't have the same impact U2 did. Still, can't wait to see what the Fortune Hunter's Club brings in the coming months.

floetry1012429d ago

Pretty much. I can't stand Greg Miller. I'd barely consider him a journalist. Uncharted 3 was great but Uncharted 2 was still the better title.

kneon2429d ago

I think the problem here is that when UC2 came along it was far above anything else we'd ever seen. Now UC3 comes out and we're already used to the high quality of graphics, voice acting, story etc. and so it doesn't have the same impact as UC2 even though it is better in many ways.

The_Devil_Hunter2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I couldn't had put it better myself. That's the only problem going here Uncharted 2 was just toooo good. It's so hard to fill in the shoes on this one ESPECIALLY when they only had about 2 years to work on it. I they had spent a little bit more time then just maybe it would have been better. But honestly with all sincerity Uncharted 3 is a 10/10.

despair2429d ago

Problem is its all subjective, because I thought the campaign in UC3 was better than 2, the story for me was better as well as it wasn't simply a case of bad guy/good guy and the actors themselves were top notch(the subtle actions comments/dialog etc. added a lot as well).

The only small problem I had was it was a little iffy on the combat but nothing that bothered more than a few minutes to get accustomed.

Also the thing is, the impact on a game for you is not the same for everyone else. You talk about Pokemon Gold/silver but that game to me was just more pokemon milking, red/blue was the impressive ones for me. Not saying you're wrong just that for you it was something great but for me it was something..meh...subjective.

Also a 10/10 game does not mean it changes gaming as a whole. Thats ridiculous as gaming doesn't really radically change anymore, it evolves, 10/10 just mean it was a truly remarkable game, no matter if its from an established IP or genre with familiar mechanics. Its all about how well it was put together and how much the player gets out of and enjoys it.

For me its a 9.5/10 but that does not mean its not a 10/10 game to some people and thats perfectly acceptable. Your opinion is not the definitive one.

kingdavid2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

"For me its a 9.5/10 but that does not mean its not a 10/10 game to some people and thats perfectly acceptable. Your opinion is not the definitive one. "

You realise I said in my opinion before I wrote what I said right?

You are arguing all this crap about subjectivity and it has nothing to do with what I wrote. I clearly said it was my opinion.. Dont be offended I dont agree with you.

despair2429d ago

I am not offended(its some words on a website), I just want to point out that your opinion is just that, yours not everyone's else.

I know many will not agree with me either..hell I might be the only one thinking like that...but when you write under the pretense of "my opinion" then actually attack someone else's (the reviewer's in this case) then its no longer your opinion of the game but just another person attacking a reviewer because they don't like the review.

Thats what I went on and on about, not your first line which to me is just there to justify the remainder of your post.

YogiBear2429d ago


You are a much better debater than kingdavid.

spektical2429d ago

diagree, it changed the industry yet again, in providing what a sequel truely is.

i thought the villains where better constructed, they had more flavor and a better purpose. However i was disappointed with how two certain characters fell off the board 1/3 in.

Hovis2429d ago

How did it change the has no original modes or factors.

It and the series are great games but they don't do anything new so how can they cause change?

ZippyZapper2429d ago

The metacritic rating for UC3 ended up a 92, just one point above Gears 3. UC3 will win PS3 GOTY and Gears 3 will win 360 GOTY but they wont get GOTY. Not with Skyrim, Arkham City, Zelda and Portal 2.

pain777pas2429d ago

Why is Skyrim or Arkham better than UC3? I am struggling now with open world games now even though I would love to see Rocksteady take home the hardware for making such a great game on all platforms. I am starting to appreciate the structure and gameplay elements of UC3 more and more as I play Skyrim. Don't game me wrong I think Bethesda are masters of the first person RPG but there is alot going on in those short scenes in UC3 and I just can't wait to play it a year or 2 from now even because that game will hold up. Mods will help Skyrim and Portal lets be honest may sneek in and take the GOTY because there is nothing else like it by a country mile but its predecessor. When I look at a game and try to see what can make UC3 a better game there is nothing really that stands out. People complain about the shooting mechanics how ever you are never stationary per se and you are always doing something exciting or cool in UC3. UC3 is tough to fault. Arkham or Portal could game many GOTYs but I am going with UC3 which is a game that I smile playing get tense than feel sad then excited than wow Wow WOW relax... you get the drill.

kikizoo2429d ago

because if you give less than ten to this game, you have to give to others 8 or less..simple

icewater852429d ago

You do know a 10/10 game at IGN doesn't mean it's a perfect game. That is coming from the guys that do the PlayStation podcast, which includes Greg Miller.

pain777pas2429d ago

I have to disagree with you. Play some of those scenarios again and tell me that you did something different depending on the waves, earthquakes etc... UC3 technology will be copied and is a generation ahead. What you will see is open worlds that try to emulate what UC3 is and was doing. Vanquish is the only other third person shooter in UC3s class plus UC3 has the production values to prop it up. This is a thank us later type game. You will go back and play this game on a rainy day and be like I totally forgot about this that and the other. The game is brilliant.

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