Texas police used Xbox 360 as bait to capture 115 fugitives

ShackNews - Nov. 29:

A sting operation that uses free Xbox 360 and other goodies as baits has led to the arrest of 115 fugitives in El Paso, Texas.

The operation, which was conducted by U.S. Marshals and El Paso police, was based on informing fugitives they had won an Xbox 360, a television, or other prizes. As the fugitives voluntarily attempted to claim their prize, they were detained by authorities.

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Komrad3883d ago

what would have happened if they used a wii instead...

Sovannah Phum3882d ago

it's official, we all know what console stupid people prefer....jk xbots. you know this article was flame bait.

littletad3882d ago

And not only that, it reminds me of the fact that I live a hundred miles from El Paso. Thanks for the news bit. I feel all that much comfortable now.

solidt123882d ago

Now thats dirty justice. LOL

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