IGN: Interview: The Man Behind Kingdoms of Amalur

IGN: Ken Rolston has been designing RPGs "since the Earth cooled." Now he's creating a new world, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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Bigpappy2434d ago

I would buy anything this guy makes. He is just the craziest adult RPG designer on the planet. A very, very knowledgeable and smart designer. Obviously he left some really talented people behind at Bethesda. But make no mistake this guy is the real deal, and this RPG will be on the scale of Elder Scrolls in detail and emersion.

thorstein2433d ago

It is also nice to see that he is play testing it all the way through, unlike a certain Skyrim dev that left the same bugs in from the Fallout 3 days. WTF?

I am so looking forward to this.