Gamer's Intuition: RAGE review

From the review: "RAGE starts off with you waking up in an abandoned wasteland. Dilapidated buildings lay in your path, collapsed highways line the dirt roads, run-down shacks now act as the survivors' only form of housing, and there are mutants everywhere. Does this sound like the apocalypse to you? It should, because RAGE nails the atmosphere of being almost alone, being one of the few remaining conscious people left on earth.

The atmosphere that RAGE portrays is enhanced by the technical prowess on display, with the game looking absolutely gorgeous and still managing to run at a cool 60 frames per second (at least when installed on the Xbox 360). It doesn't happen too often with these aging consoles but I was very impressed with the visuals in RAGE."

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Trainz2342d ago

This game was missing a huge feature that it shouldn't have been missing.
Or at least a chapter select option.
If you miss a collectors item, well tough luck you have to start the entire game again to get the completion.
That, the apparent terrible ending, the non-existent story, the texture pop-ins and lack of anything innovative is why I would NEVER play this game.

KidMakeshift2342d ago

Yeah, Rage definitely had one of the most abrupt and unsatisfying endings ever.

I kinda just sat there smacking my head in disbelief