The Old Spice Experience Challenge Returns

Remember all those months ago when MS started a reward program sponsored by Old Spice? Gamers increased their gamerscore and got free stuff for playing games. Well… IT'S BACK! Coming next week, it's on again. Details after the jump:

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KillJoi993825d ago

I personally can't wait to win stuff. Right in time too, since Ill be getting a bunch of new games soon.

GunShotEddy3824d ago

People complained for so long about them not doing another contest. I'm surprised it's Old Spice though.

razer3824d ago

Lots of people say Gamerscore is worthless beyond bragging rights but things like this prove that wrong. Hopefully the prizes are better than the first round however.

mighty_douche3824d ago

Ummm im not seeing a connection here? the 360, used mainly by angry kids, old spice, used mainly by geriatric's?

creeping judas3824d ago

Dont you know Old Spice is the new Brut by Faberge!!!

Skerj3824d ago

Why don't they just make this permanent man? Gamerscore would actually serve a purpose other than to extend some kid's e-peen, and they'd sell more games because of people wanting to increase said gamerscore for "free" stuff.

WilliamRLBaker3824d ago

im an oldspice man, brut and english leather man.

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