Top 10 Xbox Exclusives

GP: "On November 15th, 2001 the Microsoft Xbox launched in America. Many were unsure what to expect of Microsoft's first attempt to break into the game console market. Some predicted it would dominate while others expected it to fall against the mighty Nintendo and Sony platforms. As it turned out, the system did well enough to warrant a successor - the Xbox 360. It's been 10 years since the launch of the original Xbox and it seems fitting to now look back at some of the best exclusives the console saw over its lifespan.

This list will include only true console exclusives. That means some of the most popular Xbox games such as Halo and Knights of the Old Republic will not be included as they also appeared on computers. These two in particular aren't even Microsoft exclusives as they did end up coming out for Mac OS X later on. Even great titles like Ninja Gaiden Black and Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee can't be included due to later ports to other platforms. So if you don't see your favorite awesome Xbox game here it's probably due to it not being wholly exclusive (and my opinion). With that said, let's get to the titles!"

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AgentWD402407d ago

oddworld strangers wrath
halo ce
jet set radio
panzer dragoon orta
splinter cell 1
ralli sport challenge 2
sega gt
forza motorsport
doom 3

Shackdaddy8362407d ago

Not all of those are exclusives though...

ApplEaglElephant2407d ago

No sequels. or no exclusive games by the devs who made those great games.

MS gone casual...

Mystogan2407d ago

They need to bring Blinx back for crying out loud.
And i would kill for a new Phantom Dust.

mcstorm2407d ago

They were alla amzing games. What ever happened to rally sport? Ide love to see rally sport blinx sega gt jsr and pgr all come back next gen. There has been some amazing new ips this year but there is alot i think ms should bring back as now they have got there name into the market games like this will help push the next console.

trouble_bubble2407d ago

Splinter Cell 1 is an XBox exclusive? Uh, it's also on PS2, PS3, GameCube and PC.

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SockeyBoy2407d ago

Far out I enjoyed Blinx, didn't enjoy the second one though.

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chiwoo2407d ago

I brought an xbox just to play shenumue 2.

DigitalRaptor2407d ago

You should've bought a Dreamcast for that. The Shenmue 2 Xbox port was technically superior to the DC version, but the English voice acting is just cringworthy. I have to put myself through that when I play the first game on DC.

Shenmue is best played with Japanese audio and english subs, imo.

GamersRulz2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

The only game I wanted to play on the Xbox was Oddworld Stranger Wrath.

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