5 Best Games to Play After a Break-up

MP1st - "I would like to offer my help to you, both as a lover of games and a compassionate friend, seeking to soothe your troubled heart. Here are five games that will help you recover from even the worst break-up."

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why isnt minecraft in here? oh wait, thats for the
"... Games To Play To Set Off A Break-Up"

Hitman07692257d ago

I love gaming during times of stress, it is always helpful. Skyrim is a great one, you can lose yourself in everything that's going on in the game world.

Mister_V2257d ago

I could see that. I think Skyrim could solve all the world's problems.

Son_Lee2257d ago

I would say any game where you can do massive amounts of killing. I hate GTA, but that's a good game post-break up cause you can kill hookers.

Trainz2257d ago

I think mama mia would make a good game to lose yourself in.

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