MW3 vs BF3 vs Skyrim

Bit-Tech discuss whether Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 is the better game but it’s all pointless because everyone knows Skyrim is the best game at the moment.

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yojimbo_slice2401d ago

The entire military FPS genre is played out.

JonahNL2401d ago

Since when are we comparing shooters to an RPG?


morganfell2401d ago

Since one of the best new RPGs decided to drop the best parts of the game and become a run of the mill Third Person Shooter.

xPhearR3dx2401d ago

whaaa???? lol what are u talking about??

Balcrist2401d ago

I believe he's refuring to Mass Effect 3 and its co-op mode and multi-player..

Balcrist2401d ago

You must be new here, or don't read articles often... I can think of three or for different articles from here in the past month that has not only compared RPGs and FPS's, but mw3 and Skyrim specifically... aint no one happy about it, but they keep putin it out anyways... I must've seen "comparing apples and oranges" at least 50 times...

Skip_Bayless2401d ago

IF..., big if. If Modern Warfare 3 was the first COD that came out this generation then Modern Warfare 3 would be the best game of the three. If you compare the features, replay value, and technicalities then Modern Warfare 3 is considerably greater experience. But since there have been five COD games this generation, Modern Warfare 3 is not giving us anything particularly new and therefore Skyrim is the best of the three.

Hassassin2401d ago

actually if MW3 was really the first it would be the worst of the three.
COD is nothing without it's fan-base. The only reason it sells so much is because of a snowball effect on it's online player base.

Der_Kommandant2401d ago

What´s next?

Mario vs Manhunt vs Gran Turismo

MysticStrummer2401d ago

It's pointless because different people like different games. I lost interest in CoD after [email protected], but my little brothers buy it every damn year. I bought BF3, but got tired of it in about two weeks and went back to MAG. I doubt I'll bother downloading the free map pack. I'm loving Skyrim, but I'd put Dark Souls above it as Game of the Year. All my opinions only. I guess I should start a website and pretend to be a journalist.

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