The Biggest P***k in Skyrim

Why save the world when you can ruin peoples' days?

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drsfinest722283d ago

xD im going to make a 2nd save so i can do bad stuff like this lol no wonder the developers dared us to be bad in the game.

eak32283d ago

Laughed the whole time. Awesome video!!

Micro_Sony2283d ago


I need this game black Friday hurry up and get here.

NoobJobz2283d ago

HAHA. Ive been doing this alot as of late. Using the unrelenting force on people is a blast. Also when he unloaded almost his whole inventory on the lady and then blasted it all away was great. I like going into peoples houses and just knocking everything off the shelves and the tables.

FragMnTagM2283d ago

I quite literally laughed out loud.

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