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Xbox is the BEST3913d ago

5 of those games are on the 360.

skyline20033912d ago

07 Isnt over yet. How bout you wait till January 08...

The Maverick3912d ago

Seriously mario galaxy first, what you use the same character over and over again, stick him in space, and suddenly its the best game of 2007, i thought without any bias that it would have one to mass effet or bioshock-which i n particularly was totally original excellent graphics, amazing twists and an excellent story, while mass effect offers space exploration in a game you can get lost in for hours and barely scratch the surface, i would even have said uncharted for its sheer level of graphical power- but Galaxy?

KidMakeshift3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Might as well ask since everyone is going to post it regardless, hehe

Mine are:
(in no particular order)

1. Odin's Sphere, 2. Folklore, 3. Uncharted, 4. Mass Effect, 5. Super Mario Galaxy, 6. Bioshock, 7. Tomb Raider: Anniversary, 8. Heavenly Sword, 9. God of War II, 10. Orange Box

Runner up's:
(in no particular order)

1. Zack & Wiki, 2. Hokuto no Ken, 3. Overlord, 4. Crackdown, 5. Metroid Prime 3, 6. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, 7. Lost Planet, 8. Assassin's Creed, 9. Earth Defense Force 2017, 10. Persona 3

mesh13912d ago

uncharted shud not eve be there tbh i gopt thsi game and will return it soon os just a terrible game for hardcore gamers and the game is 7hrs long yawn

redmamoth3912d ago

It amazes me how this guy even has the intelligence to connect to the Internet and post a message! Oh well, they do say that if you put enough monkeys in front of enough typewriters one of them will eventually transcribe the works of Shakespear!

Kaneda3911d ago

and he got 4 bubbles...someone please shut him up!!

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