5 Things That CoD4 Lead Multiplayer Designer Looks for in an Online Multiplayer Game

As part of Newsweek's ongoing quest to take the best conversations that are occurring in the shadows and bring them to light, Newsweek offers the new occasional series Make or Break, which asks prominent developers, reviewers and expert gamers to share the five key features, details, techniques or flaws that they look for in games in the same genre. One of the best reviewed games of 2007 is Infinity Ward and Activision's Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, and much of that praise stemmed from its superlative multiplayer component. In today's installment, lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman tells what he looks for in an online multiplayer game.

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boodybandit3950d ago

is the host changing a new when the original quits. It is working my last nerve with host quitting mid game or when the map is loading. This is a basic feature. Are they ever going to include it?

Jinxstar3950d ago

Oh man it kills me when the map loads and the count down starts then they decide to quit and you can hear everyone go "Awe.... WTF?!?!"

so true.

mighty_douche3950d ago

the single worst online gaming invention ever! dedicated servers are the only way to go.

ulath6663950d ago

Designing some maps that actually works with more than 16 players?
Try a 32p or even a 24-20p game on the pc now. Its a grenade spam fest. Tactics? Dont bother. Theres an enemy around every corner, run in shoot, kill 3 of them die, repeat.
The game works really good at 16 p but IWs lazyness destroys the fun at more than 16p

mighty_douche3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

it does become a little over crowded on most maps. i personally prefer around 20 players, anymore than that and it just gets a little hectic!

Noodlecup3950d ago

PC gamers got shafted with CoD4, on some maps there aren't even enough spawn points for 16 people per team so players spawn "inside" other players

nobizlikesnowbiz3950d ago

How is that such a bad thing? I spawn inside players on XBL all the time. It just looks funny until someone moves.

Sorta funny lookin at the back of someones face from the inside of their head while your waiting for the countdown clock to get to zero.