Do Female Gamers Need their Own Clubs?

For those unaware, there is an “unofficial girl gamers” thread on the SWTOR forums. It’s in its 4th incarnation last I checked and is garnering thousands of replies. From this thread has also grown a number of girl-gamer websites for female SWTOR fans such as SW Girls started by Amonette.

There’s even a girl SWTOR Wiki. No, I’m not kidding you…

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LOGICWINS2257d ago

If they look like the ones in that pic...then they can be part of my club :)

MultiConsoleGamer2257d ago

I'm utterly sick of hearing about female gamers.

Johandevries2257d ago

True, man. Attention whores for the lose.. just enjoy the game, who cares about gender. I have never had girlfriends who played games, and I do not really care if they like games or not. It's not the only thing that matters in life

ECM0NEY2256d ago

I am literally crying im laughing so hard

JDW2257d ago

They can have female only clubs, so long as they tolerate male only clubs.

Johandevries2257d ago

At least they seem to like gay bars a lot

2257d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada2257d ago

Yup, because nothing says unity like causing a divide......

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