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New Game Network: "The campaign is the weakest of the series with poor pacing, uninteresting locations and absent characters. Combat isn't as enjoyable and the platforming can be dull. Multiplayer is merely an average distraction."

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Dante1122164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Dang, the guy is just dumping on UC3 to the point where if you actually enjoyed UC3, you're made out to be crazy. Glad it isn't on metacritic.

Edit: Uninteresting locations? Dull platforming? Unoriginal/absent characters? XD

smashcrashbash2164d ago

Playing it now. Lame, untrue review. Sorry.

xPhearR3dx2164d ago

Its untrue because you don't agree with the score? Had it been a 10/10 with the same text, you wouldn't even notice. All you fanboys care about is the score, not the review itself.

Commander_TK2163d ago

The man has an opinion. Don't judge him/his work just because he doesn't share the same opinion as you.

Why o why2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

'Had it been a 10/10 with the same text, you wouldn't even notice. All you fanboys care about is the score, not the review itself.'

Wow... A dude cant dissagree with the score of a game hes actually paying without being called a fanboy. Some people never change

Everbodys entitled to their own opinion but my opinion is its the same type of person that will be passive agressive towards people who disagree with an anomaly score on a great game on the 'other guys ' console.....they always want some well written full blooded comment to explain why people disagree with dodgey scores. You'll also notice that these same people are never spouting the same righteousness in the dumb score articles for their prefered consoles game.

This SCORE given by the REVIEWER sucks in my opinion. U3 is not perfect, no but the best in its class...yes at best arguably at worst and 76 of 100 is nowhere near best in class

Snakefist302163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

FUCK his Opinions thats not opinion thats TROLLING!!!

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Urmomlol2164d ago

Uninteresting locations -- false. Locations are great.

Dull platforming -- false. Not as good as UC2 but far from dull.

Unoriginal/Absent Characters -- True. The new bad guys are one-note cliches, Cutter is under developed, Chloe and Ellena are cameos. Sully and Drake are awesome as always, but it's definitely the weakest of the three games in terms of story.

jdfoster2164d ago

I love UC3 but agree with you on you'r last point about Unoriginal/Absent Characters .... Hope ND takes out a 3 year dev cycle for there next game and not 2!

ryhanon2164d ago


The MP is better this time 'round though. So, yay?

Knushwood Butt2163d ago

'From an enjoyment standpoint the campaign isn’t as fun as the original Uncharted.'.


DonaldBeck2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

i never go to metacritic dante, it goes like this

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 7/10 ( put on metacritic in a flash)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 10/10 (not put on metacritic)

uncharted 3 5/10 (put on metacritic in a flash)

either way uncharted 3 is an amazing game. i dont agree with the review but to each his own i guess.

Trainz2164d ago

Mama mia that would be considered spam.

dark-hollow2163d ago

Now metacritic is after sony now???

TheBlackMask2163d ago

Say what you want about the guys post.....but he has a bloody good point

Thats what it's been like....yet for a game like Batman AC it's been the oppsoite, those 7 or 8 out of 10 scores aren't on the site yet all the perfect ones are.

bluedot1332163d ago

rofl... you DO realize that the only reviews that appear on Metacritic are from approved Websites.... NOT based on review score, but where it was published.

beavis4play2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

same thing happened with MGS4

and bluedot133 - the guy that owns the MC site is the one who picks the websites that go on does that make sense?....i don't think so.

YodaCracker2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Metacritic does not pick and choose reviews for each individual game. They have a set list of publications whose reviews they include for every title, which you can see here:

People are so quick to call out bias that is not even there. It's truly pathetic. So a bunch of no-name blogs that gave the game a 10 are not included? Of course they're not.

But Uncharted 3 already has 22 perfect reviews listed on Metacritic. Overall it has 83 positive reviews, 1 mixed review, and 0 negative reviews. Metacritic could sooner be considered biased in Uncharted 3's favor than biased against it.

Bigpappy2163d ago

That is because every fanboy has his own site to post reviews and gets them aproved here on N4G. I don't judge games by metacritic, but at least they try to use, what they think are, ligit sites.

MsclMexican2163d ago


But what makes a site approved by metacritic? Some of these don't even sound reputable, the A.V club, GameCritics,Pelit? Gameshark.... bloody hell a gameshark was a gameboy cheat device.

And seriously the gamecritic review was a joke, dude compared the game to apple products, only played half.... and rented it from blockbuster.


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ssb31732162d ago

Is this reviewer serious, your right with the fact that this guy is out of his mind, and i'm happy this aint on metacitic, it would look so bad

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DonaldBeck2164d ago

"The campaign is the weakest of the series" really? are you saying uncharted 1 had a better campaign? does not make sense to me.

ryhanon2164d ago

I preferred the story/narrative in UC1, and believe that's what is being referred to, but I agree that the actual game/campaign is better in UC3.

ZombieAssassin2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

I just borrowed Uc3 last night I'm about 5 1/2 hours in and I'll say it is the weakest of the trilogy but still miles ahead of most campaigns. The reviewer is one of "those guys", you know the ones who like to go against the grain...even though I don't think a 76/100 is a bad score the actual review is crap.

The locations for Uc3 though have been great I've really liked the atmosphere.

ginsunuva2163d ago

Screw you for borrowing and not buying.

ZombieAssassin2163d ago

Bought the first 2 new and the GOTY UC2 new, plan on buying 3 so I can play the online but have no money so sorry...

Panthers2163d ago

In my opinion, UC1 had the best story. But the action sequences in UC3 are amazing. The burning building, the plane, even the desert. It was all amazing.

Ducky2163d ago

That was to be expected since ND admitted that they thought of the set-pieces first, and then tried to make a story around it.

LarVanian2164d ago

I'll admit, I preferred the locations of Uncharted 2, mainly because I think the Himalayas is a more atmospheric location than the Arabian desert and because I am more accustomed to colder environments. But to say that Uncharted 3 had uninteresting locations is downright bullshit. For the entire desert section I honestly felt as if I could touch the sand because it was so beautifully rendered. In both Yemen and Columbia, I stopped in my tracks quite a few times to observe the extremely detailed surroundings.
There is also much more variety in Uncharted 3's campaign than Uncharted 1. There is no way Uncharted 1 was superior, at least in my opinion.

Knushwood Butt2163d ago

The locations in 3 are mostly superb, for sure.

Problem is that you either don't care why you're there, or in the worst cases, there's really no point being there at all (the whole pirate ship sequence).

Jappy-k72164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Thank you!
the game imo wasn't as good as UC2, i mean the first half of the game was slow and boring with lame puzzles, quite disappointed with no real ending battle too... and just the ending in general add to that the dumb AI and drake's overdone animations made him look and feel drunk he sort of staggers everywhere! plus aiming and platforming problems, and i thought the hit detection was a bit loose in this game a perfect score is nonsensical.

personally i traded the game for skyrim

gamingisnotacrime2163d ago

skyrim is just BEAST!!!!]

great choice

boricua822163d ago

I agree 100 % with you Jappy

UltimaEnder2164d ago

WOW - was not expecting that...

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