Hard Reset Developer Interview (TruePCGaming)

When asked about DRM, Artur Maksara from Flying Wild Hog responds by saying, "In my opinion DRM is nonsense. It's as if you would buy a book, and after you read it 2 or 3 times, it would self-destruct. I'm a gamer myself and I want to install my game how many times I want - I paid for it and it's my property."

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brish2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I stopped buying PC games because of DRM. There are now games for the console that I won't buy due to their DRM.

When is the industry going to learn that DRM only affects paying customers ability to play the games they legally purchased and doesn't reduce piracy?!

You would think they would have figured it out when the WII has the best sales numbers for games and doesn't have good protection at all. Or perhaps that the same game on the xbox 360 almost always outsells the ps3 version of the game despite the fact the most ps3 games haven't been cracked.

Pirates are not customers. Please stop screwing your customers under the guise of trying to reduce piracy. The pirates laugh at you, and the customers suffer.

dirthurts2350d ago

I believe that if you implement DRM, the game should cost less. You're owning it why pay the same amount?
It mid as well be a rental.

StayStatic2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

DigitalRentalManagment would probably be more appropiate me thinks.

Animals_as_Leaders2350d ago

DRM has stopped me from buying PC games.

I cancelled my Might and Magic Heroes VI collectors edition pre-order when I found out that their supposedly 'fully playable offline' game would miss out on 90% of the features in offline mode and also had DRM...despite their claims to the contrary.

It's not just DRM many games are released unpolished, but the Hard Reset devs have had the most amazing patches since the game came out, not just to fix bugs like other devs, but to add new features, there is now a horde mode, a benchmark, more graphics options etc etc.

Other devs would have charged you for those things or just dropped support once the game came out. Other PC devs could learn a lot from them.

It also had awesome gamepad support in the PC version which has been improved again for menus in the last patch.

Less DRM, less bugs and more post launch support. Then games will be worth their asking price again.

Right now it would have to be one hell of a game to get my $50...DRM or no...