How NOT to make a Video Game Character : By RastafariPrime

"Most gaming websites praise games for their excellent characters and usually give them awards or do a top ten list…. Well not me, I’m going to note some great games with some flat-out BAD characters. This is RastafariPrime and I’m going to teach you how NOT to make a video game character." writes RastafariPrime

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Trainz2435d ago

Don't go the cliche road or I feel sick listening to you.

Derekvinyard132435d ago

KZ Characters are so bad its sometimes a pain to listen to them. i enjoy KZ2 and 3 and love going back to the story missions. No emotion or anything, there just tough guys who have horribly written lines it always takes you out of the story, AND FOR THOSE who have played KZ3 that might have been a good thing. story was terrible.

cpayne932435d ago

I feel the same way...though I think KZ2 had an ok story but KZ3 just had an awful one. I also think the presentation was better in KZ2, and Templar was a decent character. It was like they were trying to be the A-Team in KZ3, only with none of the humor.

BattleAxe2434d ago

Same here, I was relatively happy with Killzone 2, but Killzone 3 was too short, had a terrible story, and when I beat the game I was like WTF? They completely screwed up the end of the game. Lack of online game content was a big problem with that game too.

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cannon88002434d ago

I feel that people in real life are even more dull and lifeless sometimes. i've seen worse characters in other games, this gen. rogue warrior is one. guy swears every 02 seconds in the game and you guys should listen to the song in the credits. its so freaking hilarious.