Beta Impressions: Star Wars The Old Republic (This Is My Joystick)

To put it plainly, The Old Republic is the evolution of the MMO as we know it. For the first time, you’re going to care about the lore, you’re going to be more invested in the characters, and you’ll actually want to take heed of the stories. We’re not dealing with needy NPCs who spout out a paragraph of mumbo jumbo, just to get to a point of telling you to pluck an apple from a tree and stick it up your rear end, we’re dealing with people with emotions and feelings.

They have their beliefs and thought-process, and you will need to make decisions based on your gut feelings, important ones that will define your character, structure the path you walk, influence people at your side and those who would seek to befriend or kill you.

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lumley6662377d ago

Nice preview, iv dabbled in mmo before like I put about 30 hours into ffxiv which was my first mmo and as much as I enjoyed it it became boreing. I loved the old kotor back in the day and this game has been on my radar for a while. If the reviews are are 7 or above I shall deffo give it a shot. By your preview it sounds great and I'm very looking forward to it