Can a PC Gamer Convert To Console?

GamerFitNation's Nic writes about whether he can switch from PC to console. "This is the start of a multi-part series describing my adventures converting from a PC gamer to a PS3 gamer.

If you have read any of my previous articles, then you will know that I am a huge fan of PC Gaming. (If you haven’t then get on it already!) So when I mention that I’ve just purchased a brand new PlayStation 3 this week, it may come as a shock to many. Always one to bash console gamers I never imagined the day that I would go out a buy my own console. But the day has come."

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DonaldBeck2251d ago

have both. i found a pc/ps3 is your best bet, not just having one to rely on.

Agent-862251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Yep, I own both as well. I've found it to be a great gaming combo. Love my FPS and RTS games on PC: I just believe that the KB/M are the best controls for those genres. And I have the PS3 for their exclusives and the console only games: I especially like the 3rd person action/adventure games like Uncharted, Infamous, and Red Dead Redemption. Also, looking forward to Twisted Metal early next year.

DonaldBeck2251d ago

i agree, and twisted metal is going to be sick man, enjoy it.

reynod2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I only have a PC, my games library is so huge i really dont have the time for another platform. so no i dont see my self taking up another platform.

Edit: Been a PC gamer since 1995, hence my library goes way back. What i love about the PC is i can check on my work anytime while i play as well. If need to be looking at some website all i need to do is Shift+tab and the browser is infront of me, its the sort of flexibility i dont think i would be getting with any console.

Genesis52251d ago

I have found for me the two system to have are a high end PC and a PS3. After a year the money I have saved on steam sales has pretty much paid for the gaming rig.

You need a PS3 for the exclusives they have. With this combination I can't even keep up with the games I have to play.

BattleAxe2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I used to be a Playstation Only gamer, but I've branched out to the PC over the last couple of years with Steam, and personally I've started to prefer my PC over my PS3, but most of my friends are console only gamers, so I haven't really been able to switch over entirely. However, with games like Uncharted, Gran Turismo and God of War, its almost a necessity to have a PS3. I was about to give up on consoles entirely when Sony announced the 2 Console activation policy, but since they're going to let you de-activate all consoles from your account once every six months, I have decided to keep going with Sony.

reynod2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


Thats the thing i like i about PC gaming, there isnt anyone to tell us what we can and cannot do with our machines. Its my machine its my baby i created it, i do with it as i please.

With console its a bit like Oh you do this we are going to ban you. Its like you dont actually own the hardware, use a 3rd party HD on a MS console and risk getting banned, dont want to upgrade to a firmware well tough. It feels it doesnt belong to you, like Ms or Sony are its masters specially with this gen of consoles.

Atleast on PC if a developer does try screw us over we fight back most of the time the devs end backing off. An example may be drawn with Ubisoft who started shipping games with always on DRM, we cracked it open and they had no choice but to revert their decision.

Another matter i like is the endless BC the platform offers, i been gaming since 1995. Today via Dosbox, Virtual machines i can still play any of my old games well 99% of them anyways. No one can take them away from me. Hell i can play all console games too, aside Ps3 and Xbox 360 lol thats a privledge even console gamers dont have meaning PS3 gamers cant play PS2 games, We dont know if PS4 gamers will be able to play PS3 games, nvm all the other platforms.

Commander_TK2251d ago

Though I'm mainly a console gamer the most, I always consider PC as the best platform to play on mainly because of the freedom.

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ProjectVulcan2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Having the lot is greedy but good. This year i have found PC getting hammered, lots and lots of use on multis especially then PS3 exclusives. 360 and Wii have not had much of a look in by comparison TBH.

It isn't JUST the graphics, but it would be very hard to pry me away from my super shiny high res PC for stuff like skyrim or BF3, or shogun2 etc etc and slumming it only with a console.

kane_13712251d ago

oh man, do not even name Shogun, i'm so jealous of you right now

T9002251d ago

PC gaming has had an amazing year. Shogun 2 is awesome i was playing it today infact.

Aside the Superior multiplat on every game, noteworth exclusives for the year:

Witcher 2
Shogun 2
Dawn of war 2 retribution
Red orchestra 2

BF3 on PC is possibly a genre defining game for the entire gen. Its the best MP military shooter experience you can get. For those that love the arcade style of play imo TF2 on PC is untouchable.

Dota 2 is one of the games i cannot wait for.

NovusTerminus2251d ago

I have a... PS3,PC,Wii,360,3DS,PSP set up...

And this generation I have used the PS3 and PSP the most. PSP gets more traditional JRPG's which is nice.

NYC_Gamer2251d ago

i have my pc along with 360/ps3...

nicfurlong2251d ago

ive been playing mw3 on pc, and just bought skyrim for ps3. I also bought cod4 on ps3 cause i have it on pc and it was cheap so i can make some comparisons.

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