Hands-on Preview: Twisted Metal

Emily Putscher from writes:

Alternatively titled “Return of the Ice Cream Truck from Hell.”

I took my first official foray into the PR side of the gaming world today to preview the upcoming PS3 game Twisted Metal. I went in not knowing what to expect, and somewhat nervous. But the game?

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DonaldBeck2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

this is really one of the few games im excited like a little kid for. day 1 no matter what, i always dug tm.

antz11042378d ago

Agreed, ultimately this game getting announced was the reason I bought a PS3. Now a year and a half later Im gettin' kinda antsy, lol. Hurry up!

ConsoleCreature2380d ago

Will be here and gone as quickly as Motostorm, Resistance, Killzone, Infamous and every other exclusive not called Uncharted on PS3.

vyke32380d ago

God Of War 3, LBP 1&2, Heavy Rain, and MGS4, all of them say hi.

Silly gameAr2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

It will still be here for people that want to buy, like Motostorm, Resistance, Killzone, Infamous and every other exclusive including Uncharted on PS3. I fail to see a problem with that.

If that's your way of trolling, I say you failed. Back to the drawing board you go I guess?

gypsygib2380d ago

Killzone and Infamous are some of my favourite games this generation. What were you playing this past spring, Bulletstorm? lol

SDF Repellent2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Hey Easy now, Bulletstorm was a great game.

I remembered Twisted Metal, Demolition Derby, and Jet Moto were some of my favorite games during the PS1 era.

Abriael2380d ago

Gone quickly? you may want to rethink that.

Getowned2380d ago

Agreed Twisted Metal is still relevantt everyone I talk to knows about Twisted Metal from PS1 and Ps2 days and they all want it on PS3..Halo is to XBOX as Twisted Metal is to PS.

Soon Twisted Metal will take PSN by storm and be bigg er then ever before.Twisted Metal was,is and always will be extremely entertaining.Cars+Guns+Crazy evil characters+Friends+Online = Epic!

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DonaldBeck2380d ago

also, i hope if they make dlc for this game, they can do a twisted metal black type for this. that would be sick. twisted metal (series) is one of the best gaming has to offer. black was amazing.

WooHooAlex2380d ago

Some of my best memories playing games are having sleepovers with friends, staying up all night having TM tournaments.

This is a day one buy for sure.

Getowned2380d ago

same here TM was the game I played 98% of the time on ps1 and ps2 they were all good games TM1,TM2,TM3,TM4,TMB, and now TMPS3!