5 reasons why early adopters of next gen consoles get screwed

We take a look at some harsh realities and potential pitfalls of buying next generation hardware at launch or shortly after.

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bunt-custardly2310d ago

Failures and price tag is always the hardest of pills to swallow.

Blogz4Fanboyz2309d ago

yeah, but so is seeing my pals on-line playing on their new consoles....

i remember my pals on pdz whilst i was still on modern combat cbecause i couldnt find a 360 anywhere.

next time, i will be pre-ordering way on advance

Biggest2309d ago

The early adopters of the PS3 may have paid more, but they got a lot more in return. I look at purchases in total value. Being an early adopter isn't all bad.

Skip_Bayless2309d ago

It's not just what you get and what you see on screen. It's the experience and excitement of getting the new system.

Arnon2309d ago

I'm a fairly early adopter of the PS3, with the 80GB B/C MGS4 bundle, but I have to completely disagree with your comment.

Adopters of today receive a slimmer, quieter, cooler PS3, with a much smaller failure rate (regardless of what people say, I do hear about YLOD from older models all the time these days at my store), a much larger HDD, and about 1/3rd the cost.

#Pricetag - $599.99/$249.99
#Model - Fat, Heavier, scratch prone/Slim, lighter
#Hard Drive - 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB/160GB, 320GB
#Issues - Overheating, loud after a while, higher failure rate/Cool and quite, with a much smaller failure rate

The fatter models may have Backwards compatibility, but for $499.99-$599.99 as compared to $249.99... Honestly you can buy a PS2 for around $50 and still save half of what early adopters paid.

SilentNegotiator2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I always tell myself I won't buy the first SKU of a console, but I usually do.

It's sort of the same thing with all technology, but with consoles especially, as they tend to be under-tested and faulty in the first SKU. Also, expensive and sometimes missing important features (Xbox 360 - HDMI, WiFi; 3DS - inevitable second control stick).

I really need some self-control, lol.

teething2308d ago

Early adoption is always the same: more money, more issues.

The same goes for cars. The same goes for smartphones. The same goes for consoles. The same goes for buying new games (think of Fallout New Vegas last fall, and this fall... 60$ and full of bugs, vs 20$ and far fewer bugs)

Game13a13y2308d ago

I'm a early adopter of the PS3, I paid $600 for it, never regretted a single penny I spent. However, I bought my 360 for $299, and now its only sitting in my closet collecting dust. so it all depends on the player.

moparful992308d ago

It pains me just how short sighted everyone is.. If everyone sat around and waited for the "latter" itterations of a console they will never come.. You have to have early adopters in order to justify staying on the market.. Those early adopters are essentialy console beta testers.. I myself bought a launch 60 gig ps3 and honestly have had no regrets. I feel my $600 was money well spent...

zeeshan2308d ago

Look, I'll be honest. I'd not really want to get any console day one because of price and possible hardware issues BUT, if they make an epic Uncharted 4 or MGS6 or GT6 then it'd be hard fighting the temptation.

sikbeta2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

lol the PS3 early adopters got the best PS3 console, they got 3 Generation of Gaming in the Same System :O next PS console will be a day one for me IF it's gonna be packed with PS1+PS2+PS3 and PS4 gaming library

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BattleAxe2309d ago

I was an early adopter last time around when I bought my PS3 Three months after launch, mainly because I didn't have a choice since my home got broken into and they stole my PS2, but I will not be an early adopter this time around. Its doubtfull that there will be any feature that will stand out like Blu-Ray or the introduction of HD graphics did when the PS3 launched.

My PC will play pretty much any next gen multi-plat game that comes out, and surely devs aren't going to drop support for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for at least another 4 or 5 years. Another reason why I won't jump on the bandwagon early this time is also because i want to see how Microsoft implements XBOX Live on the PC. Really though, what else does next gen have to offer? Blu-Ray? HD Graphics? Motion Gaming? 3D? Digital Distribution? HOME? Friends Lists? Facebook Integration?.......we have all of this stuff in one form or another right now.

ssb31732309d ago

True, a 600 dollar or 500 pound price tag is abit much for a console. the failure rate of consoles is probebly the biggest factor, i've already gone through 4 xbox 360s

reynod2309d ago

Well not only is the 600USD price tag high, its actually mid range PC territory. Also remember every game bought on PC is cheaper

lastly remember when a console fails you need to replace the entire unit, however when a PC fails the part that went bad can actually be cheaply replaced. Bluray goes bad on a console time to throw the entire box get a new one, motherboard went bad throw the entire thing. With PC its cheaper to maintain in the long run because you can switch parts that did go bad.

Also Even when it comes to longrun economy PC beats console easily not only in games but in upgrades. Heres is an example:

A friend of mine bought an I7 920 back in 2008. Its a 3 year old system, by now its paid of its price because of all the cheaper price of games. Now for next year when next gen consoles are out. All my friend will be doing is overclocking that CPU, he will get a Heat sink which will cost him about 60USD he will OC the CPU to 4ghz and he will get a new GPU which will cost him around 300usd. The entire deal will cost him less then getting a new console. However here is the kicker, he will be alot ahead of console tech again.. why? because a 300usd gpu is like a high end part. Consoles at best will come with low to midrange parts. Hence he will again be enjoying the cheaper games and a machine that actually does everything.

BattleAxe2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I've got an i7 920, 6GB DDR3 and a GTX 260, and I don't believe I'll have to overclock anything for a while, or even have to buy a new GPU for a while as I can run every game out there quite well with my GTX 260. We'll be lucky if the newer games that come out will even need the specs that are used to run Crysis, and I can can run Crysis on Enthusiast settings. The only game where I havent been able to crank up the settings to the max is GTA4, but I can still run it at a much higher spec than the PS3 version or the 360 version. Mind you, GTA4 wasn't optimized for the PC very well. The only people who are going to upgrade every three years are the ones that want to be able to max everything out on every game, which is what makes the PC great, because if you don't upgrade anything for 5 or 6 years, you can adjust the game settings accordingly.

DragonKnight2309d ago

Newsflash. This article is about consoles, not PC's. No one cares about PC's.

BTW, my original PS3 with all the features says hi. I wasn't screwed at all.

reynod2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


Well yes thats the cool part about pc gaming few years down the line u could overclock that cpu. which will be like a free upgrade basically. even till date no retail Intel cpu at stock speed is going to beat a I7 920 @ 4ghz i dont see it happening for another year atleast. which meabs your cpu will have very long legs. A gpu upgrade by the time the next consoles are out is all what will be needed to out do consoles again.


Lol sure. if pc gaming werent around console makers would throw a fit because they would have invest billions of usd into Gpu tech.

Hence Pc gaming = win for console gamers too. i cant imagine anyone wanting to pay 1000 usd for a console.

Mickbelfast2309d ago

360 & ps3 came out years ago, find a pc that came out around the same time with the same parts & see if it can run games from 2011 that the 360 & ps3 ? What's that ? You can't ? Thought so

Ryudo2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


"BTW, my original PS3 with all the features says hi. I wasn't screwed at all."

I guess you can't play online then with your original PS3 with "all the features" you couldn't be without updating and LOSING your Other OS feature.

DragonKnight2309d ago

@Reynod: I reiterate, this is about console gaming and no one cares about PC's. Whether it's PC companies investing billions into GPU tech, or console companies, one company would be doing so, would still be paying far too much for GPU's, and so your point is irrelevant. I can't imagine anyone thinking they should pay $1000 for a PC, but you've probably spent more than that.

@Ryudo: What? Ohhh I see, you're failing at being a smartass. And here I thought you had some kind of language problem. Look, I appreciate that you put a lot of hard work into trolling, probably stayed up all night making notes and cross referencing them with the legendary trolls of yore, but please leave these discussions to those who aren't unarmed in a battle of wits. Kthnxbye.

Arnon2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Technically, you were screwed over. The only feature the old PS3's currently have over the new ones is that they're backwards compatible. However, because of the new pricepoint for the slimmer, quieter, cooler models with twice the amount of HDD space, it in all honesty was not worth the $599.99 pricepoint. I myself am an early adopter, and as cool as my fat, sleek PS3 with the touch sensitive buttons look... it's scratch prone, loud, freezes, and overpriced with a pitiful sized HDD that I don't have the money to upgrade currently, or should have to for that matter.

You just receive a much better model for more than half of the cost of the original. Not to mention you can just purchase a PS2 for around $50, and still only spend $299.99 or so.

Oh, and if you can't imagine why anyone would pay $1000 USD for a Gaming PC, then you really know nothing about the gaming industry and where it really thrives. If I had that kind of money to spend, I and many others on this site would easily invest it into a computer.

DragonKnight2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

@Arnon: My original PS3 has Full BC, 4 USB ports, and card readers. It isn't scratched, it doesn't freeze, it doesn't overheat. My PS3 plays just as well as the allegedly improved ones, and has more features than said improved ones. So tell me again how I got screwed when my PS3 is in perfect working condition?

And as for your incorrect statement about PC gaming, I'll respond to it with the following. If PC gaming is where gaming thrives, explain to me why console gaming makes twice as much money, has exponentially more focus from the industry, is more widely accepted and known by the world, and is all around the center of the gaming world hmmm? Oh, but I thought PC is where gaming thrives and that PC is the driving focus behind all of the industries ideas for games right? *Sigh* Whatever. Delude yourself all you want.

T9002308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )


So explain to us why console sales are down year on year if consoles are so popular? hell the Wii seems like its almost dead with no 3rd party support even though its the highest sold console.

Why is it PC has more exclusives this year then the Xbox 360 and pretty much a tie with the PS3? that doesnt make sense if we are to follow your logic, Infact PC sales have been growing year on year while consoles have been going down.

Currently there are just about as many players playing BF3 on PC as there are on console.

About 5million people are concurrently online on Steam alone, which is way ahead of XBL or PSN.

You realise back in 2010 highend PC hardware sold was at 10Billion usd, 50% of which was estimated to be enthusiast gamer purchase, thats more hardware purchased then either Xbox 360 or PS3.

Stop being an ignorant bafoon, People were only saying 600usd is low to midrange PC territory, new consoles should be priced way below this price mark, specially if they wont be coming with high end hardware.

Ryudo2308d ago


The only deluded one here is you, continually ranting on about how awesome your purchase of a 600 dollar console was and how you didn't get screwed over.

However how Stephen Fry puts it "the only people obsessed with food are the anorexic and the morbidly obese"

That my halfwit friend is you in a nut shell, trying to convince yourself how brilliant a purchase your PS3 was at $600 all the time ranting on about how expensive and worthless PC gaming is.

I mean your really looking a good candidate for hypocrite of the year.

IcarusOne2308d ago

Wow, DragonKnight. I haven't seen such blind ignorance since the last Republican debate.

I bought a launch PS3 and compared to my new slim, it was such a ripoff: louder, less efficient, greater risk of YLOD. It's true the slim might have less USB/card slots but let's be honest, the vast majority of users barely touched the card slots, and two USB slots is plenty. And as for BC...really? You're actually popping PS2 games in there with the bevy of PS3 goodies? Why bother?

Love that you used up your bubbles and can't respond to this by the way.

moparful992308d ago

Umm just to reiterate how often can you play new high end games on a 5 or 6 year old pc without any issues?? Thats the problem with pc's they're obsolete almost immediately. Developers make games to the highest current specs and they have minimum running requirements.. Consoles don't have this issue.. I know that my $600 ps3 is relevant for at least 5 years.. You can't say that about pc's.. consoles are all equal speced
pc's run the gamut and are to varied..

decrypt2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )


How do consoles not have this issue, they dont run games at max settings, infact they run games at lower settings then a 4-5 year old PC would.

Yes a 4-5 year old PC wont play games maxed out However equipped with a decent GPU like 8800GTX from back then, it will beat consoles in every game out today. 8800GTX from 4 years back till date carries on to play most games 95% of todays games in 1080 a feat not possible on console.

Everything gets obselete few months after purchase, its valid for Cell phones, TVs, anything electronics. Why be surprised if a PC gets obselete its not like it cant play games any more, in fact a well made PC from 4 years back will still play most console ports maxed out. Hell the PS3 was outdated by 8800gtx before it even launched so are we going to call PS3 irrelevant hell no.

Somebody2308d ago

About the PC vs Consoles.....i know it's hard to swallow but consoles can't live without the PC. No matter how hard console gamers put their fingers in their ears and shouting "lalalalala" loudly, it's still the hard fact.
Developers still need PCs to write down the codes, made textures and even tryout the game first before testing it on the consoles. I wonder what kind of PCs they use to develop those games anyway? A high end one or one using cheap ass components? Besides all those money PC gamers wasted on hardware will eventually find its way to the next gen consoles. Who do you think paid for the PS3' and X Box360's graphic cards' development anyway? Yes, Sony and Microsoft invested on Ati to make a version for their console but it was the PC gamers who bought millions of cards before that which lead to that one. Ati had to do is modified one of their cards for the consoles and then...released the latest generation for the PC months after the consoles were released (lol). Do you think Sony and M'soft wants to invest billions of proprietary hardware in this economy? It'll be easier to take any current available technology, modified it and make new software for it. I wouldn't be surprised to see the next PS CELL cpu will be integrated with ARM chips for PS4 tablets. Either that or use the latest from Intel/AMD cpu that have integrated graphic core.
The point is whatever happens to the console affects the PC as well so it's not wrong for PC gamers to butt in. Look at the state of the PC in the last several years ago after the PS3 and X Box 360 launched. It was pitiful and it took 5 years for everyone to stop saying "PC is dead". As a loyal PC gamer, I don't want to see that again.
Besides yesterday I visited a forum where everyone's surprised to see the latest PC games/versions being sold so cheaply in less than a week. Even they were surprised to see those prices.

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KonGreat2309d ago

I wish M$ could have liked given something back to the people who got it in '05. Got it then, and it broke, then the replacement broke, and now I got mi a xboxSlim.
The worst part of it all, is seeing all the upgrades of the consoles coming out, with bigger harddrives, better, more reliable hardware, it is indeed a expensive choice.

Not going to do that again for sure.

Jazz41082309d ago

They did it was called a 1 billion 3 year warranty.

Mickbelfast2309d ago

We got extended warranty which we needed because they kept shipping flawed & broken consoles, we are on the 4th or 5th Different 360 design, the games, online & sales of the 360 have been a success but the hardware was abit of a failure, maybe learn next time

Anon19742308d ago

Exactly. I didn't want an extended warranty. All that ended up being was broken console after broken console until I pretty much stopped playing it. I wanted what I paid for - a game console I could rely on. I was on replacement 4 before I threw up my hands and said "I can't buy games for this anymore, because I don't know if it'll play them," and then moved on to another console. I still pick up maybe one game a year on it - but that's not what I wanted. I paid for a reliable console, and at the time, Microsoft assured people that there were no problems, that the failure rate was within industry standards. 4 replacement consoles isn't industry standards. I didn't get what I paid for.

Persistantthug2309d ago

I've said this for years.
Prone to failure, expensive, few features, few games.
You are almost literally a PAYING guinea pig.

You want to wait approx 2 years.

But, if you've got plenty of cash, then have at it, I guess.

fei-hung2308d ago

Well for some it worked out. I remember reading articles where certain Sony stores were giving away free 4-inch HD TV's with a PS3 purchase. If I knew they would do this, I would have glady been an early adopter.

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Sanetoshi2309d ago

The sad thing is that even though early adopters get screwed over, the improved versions of consoles and even the success of those consoles rely on those early adopters. If you want a console to do well, you buy it near release, but you do so knowing it's a bad deal for you.

Mottsy2309d ago

I couldn't disagree more. The success of these consoles do not rely on the early adopters. If you think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are just gonna throw in the towel because not many people bought there console on launch day then you are seriously mistaken. They will think why are they not buying it. maybe price is to high and so on and so forth. We speak with out wallets with these corporations.

Sanetoshi2309d ago

If not enough people have bought a console, people will be disinclined against making games for it.

Mottsy2309d ago

That may be true for a brand new console that hits the market place, but for the 3 Heavy hitters if they dont get alot of early console sales, they will do what they have to , to get those numbers stacking.

Rainstorm812309d ago

Exactly Mottsy just look at the 3DS as a perfect example

GezForce2308d ago

dreamcast says hi, an excellent console with abysmal sales. dont think it even lasted a year in australia. i have and will always be an early adopter. this is my hobby and passion and i have purchased every console myself day one since i was old enough to work (ps one onwards). early sales do matter.. especially for the 3rd party developers. crap sales means no support.

Mottsy2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

@ Gez dreamcast really? Cos i can think of two other systems that really sunk Segas Debt margin. Sega 32x and Sega Saturn says Hi. Again though ps2 at the time had DVD and EA support and No online play until PS2 was pretty much available. Early adopters couldn't save dreamcast unless everyone from Sony to N64 and gameboy just dropped their console and picked up a dreamcast. For a business model to take that big of a risk should of expected the outcome it had of prematurely vanishing.

And Sales were decent here in US but u have to think with the xbox comming out and gamecube which people were eager to program for. it would of been 4 consoles.and No Ma's. Early adopters help but its the user base that really keeps the system alive.And programers aint gonna wanna program the least powerful console out of the 4. Sega got smart and pulled out. And this is just my thought. I aint trying to offend anyone and if its your hobby then by all means you do you!

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Pikajew2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Each console this gen had a launch problem.