The latest trailer from Afterfall: Insanity!

New trailer!

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r212316d ago

open world third person RAGE? if so, im buying it :D

Huwmor2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Is this open-world? The mediocre visuals (not bad for indie though) could lead me to believe open-world but I can't find that anywhere personally. That would interest me though as this would then suggest fallout with a heavier focus on survival. Something I felt that game lacked when it came to a post-apocalyptic setting. (A source would be appreciated but no hassle)

edit: *realised you were simply wondering aloud. from this preview , he says "Dead Space line of level design", that is, mostly linear branches. But hey maybe the surface will offer more open vistas but to much fresh may ruin their horror atmosphere party

Preview here:

r212316d ago

from the preview you gave there, it does seem Afterfall:Insanity sounds linear but like you said, visuals does seem to make the game open world. hopefully, there'll be more details of this game revealed soon. cheers.

Tdmd2315d ago

An open world third person RAGE would be pretty sweet! :)