A Brief History of the famous Wipeout series

TecStories: Enjoy this 19 minute long history lesson showing how the wipeout franchise has changed through the decades, kudos to HellfireWZ for compiling a montage of all the wipeout games over the decades.

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websod2438d ago

i am not a huge sports guy or car racing but i have always loved the wipeout games. those where the 1st car games i ever liked. it is nice to have a history of the game. LOVE the tracks the video brings back some good gaming memories and i am only a few mins into the video.

heylo2437d ago

Wipeout 2097 on PS1 was epic

plmkoh2437d ago

I remember there was an arcade around my place that used to have an arcade Wipeout game where you sit in a cockpit and the thing would move along with your controls, it was $5 a go but damn that thing was awesome.

francknara62437d ago

Get 100% trophies in Wipeout HD = Best Moment this generation.

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