New Kingdom Hearts 3D scans

Check out four new scans of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance showing off the newly revealed worlds.

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Abash2408d ago

Pinocchio! Seeing him brought back a lot of KH1 and KH: CoM memories

VampiricDragon2408d ago

too bad that you either dont have the money, are trolling, or are insecure. I hope its the first one

TheBlackMask2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Spin off....YAWN

Stop wasting your time on these games and make KH3.

Honestly they better have al these spin offs in one big HD collection before KH3 comes out so people can catch up. They should of stuck to one platform for their games instead of swtiching between Sony and Nintendo.....oh and mobile.

You know the intros they have when you start a new game and it recaps whats happened since the last game while the new song plays, KH3s will be like 15 minutes long with the amount of stuff that has happened.......I mean I was confused in KH2 because I never played Chain of Memroies, and that was just ONE spin off, imagine what it's going to be like now

Stephen55432408d ago

Birth By Sleep is really good. Same quality(pretty much) as the numbered Kingdom Hearts games.

You aren't missing anything with 358/2 days. Not only was it terrible, but it did not further the story in any way. Same case with Re:Coded. (though with Re:Coded, it technically takes place after 2, it just covers the events of KH1 pretty much. A better game then 358/2 days, but still you aren't missing out on anything.

Dream Drop Distance is being made like a main KH game. Actually, they said that the combat system used in 3D will be the same exact one used in KH3. So....yeah, side games are a little annoying, but if it's anything like Birth by Sleep then I won't care one bit. I thoroughly enjoyed that one, and this game looks like it will either the deliver the same level of quality or better. I know you dislike the side games, but if they're good...then why not play them?