Grouvee: We never have enough time for video games

Sometimes life catches up with us, and we're left with too many good games and not enough time to play them.

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ElementX2288d ago

I want those 30 seconds of my life back. What a worthless piece of garbage.

ConsoleCreature2288d ago

I have more than enough time because I have priorities. Video games are a nice way to kick back and relax but they are by no means going to get in the way of career, family or sex. If you feel you don't have enough time for games you might have a bigger problem.

LiamIRL822288d ago

You don't have enough time because you have too many games, people never get around to playing them fully, also gaming should never be your whole life, just a great hobby.

ambientFLIER2288d ago

I bought GTAIV new when it first came out. Still haven't opened it...

Trainz2288d ago

That was dumb of you.