Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword proves Nintendo hasn’t learned anything

VentureBeat's Sebastian Haley takes Nintendo to task for a poorly designed Zelda game.

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TrendyGamers2402d ago

I can't imagine the kind of hate this review is going to get.

Samus HD2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Gamespot should have the same hate
they gave this game 7.5/10

mamotte2402d ago

Gamespot HAVE the same hate

Titanz2402d ago

There's no way this game is more worse than Twilight Princess.

Abriael2402d ago

More worse? :D

twilight princess had a BIG upside.It actually tried to evolve the Zelda franchise. This one, as the headline of the review says, shows that Nintendo refuses to evolve.

Personally, I agree with many of the points made. I probably wouldn't have given such a low score though.

Titanz2402d ago

It's the best 3D Zelda game on a Nintendo console.

Abriael2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

@Titanz I did. Did you? Even if it was the best 3D Zelda game on a Nintendo console (which is very debatable and opinion based), that wouldn't say much compared to the rest of the industry. I wouldn't give it over a 8.5, possibly a 8.

Gotta review the game in itself, not the legacy of the zelda franchise like many are doing.

There are quite a few games out there that objectively grind this game into the ground under every point of view (story, characters, gameplay, graphics, animation, controls...). So if you give this one a 10 just because it's a Zelda game (because let's be honest, this is the only reason why it's getting some 10s), what are you going to give to those? 15?

Optical_Matrix2402d ago

When you say Twilight Princess tried to evolve the series, in ways that Skyward Sword is not. Explain. Because I'm not seeing it lol

Death_Grin482402d ago


So? Those games have nothing to do with Skyward Sword. And those games you mentioned being "better" are just your opinion, not fact.

SnipeySnake2402d ago

You probably didn't like wind waker....

Stephen55432402d ago

Twilight Princess tried to evolve the Zelda franchise? It absolutely did not. The whole game was purposely made to be like a more modern OoT. The only "new" thing was the Wolf...which didn't change much except for adding repetitive light shard collecting. It's obvious to me that you either didn't play Skyward Sword yet, or you haven't played enough of it to realize how much they have changed. It's nothing ground breaking, but it is a step in the right direction. This is coming from someone who has beaten both Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Regardless of how much you like either one, Skyward Sword does way more to try and change the series than Twilight Princess.

Arnon2402d ago

Uhhh... I'm pretty sure just about every review states that this is a Zelda game that is actually evolving the franchise, by adding perfect motion controls, a crafting system, deeper combat, etc., as well as having one of the best art directions in video game history.

Twilight Princess in fact did NOT try to evolve anything of the Zelda franchise outside of it's graphics. The people wanted a more realistic, darker Zelda game, and while Nintendo delivered on parts of this, the overall game when asked by consumers was that it was generally disappointing. No one wanted a werewolf segment, and there honestly wasn't a single thing in the game that did anything remotely different from other Zelda games.

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Mystickay862402d ago

Apparently he's trying to outdo gamespots review.

Here's my response - You gotta pay the troll toll.

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If I want to get that boys hole?