Forza 4 inches past 1 million units sold worldwide this week

TecStories: Forza 4 has slowly but steadily inched past the million mark, Forza 4 sales have been slightly muted by the sheer number of blockbuster games that have been released in the last couple of months.

Despite the frantic competition from other games, Forza 4 managed to be the eighth best selling game for the NPD in October 2011, and according to vgchartz has sold 1,032,056 units in 5 weeks, about 200 000 less units than Forza 3 sold in the same time period.

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AmaZinG2102d ago

But Cars game are all abut legs, lets see if Forza 4 has good legs.

Daz2102d ago

it does deserve more. but it plays great.

gaffyh2101d ago Show
Dude4202101d ago

@ gaffyh

Forza 3 - October 22, 2009
Forza 4 - October 11, 2011

That's 2 years.

GribbleGrunger2101d ago

'But Cars game are all abut legs'

are you sure about that! i was under the impression it was wheels

evilunklebud2101d ago


Swing, and a miss.

Tr y again.

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Abash2102d ago Show
Dante1122101d ago

Dang, I thought F4 sold way more than that (Thought they were already at one million the second week out). Good nonetheless.

Me-Time2096d ago

Abash - "Actually Gran Turismo is all about legs. Forza 2/Forza 3 was mass bundled by Microsoft and it definitely helped it get the sales it has today. I suspect Forza 4 will be bundled too sometime in the future to help sales"

Quoted for the truth.

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