Blizzard has “never invested in” consoles to the degree “we are doing now” with Diablo III

VG247:We don’t want to port it,” said Wilson, Diablo III’s director. “We want to build it for console. There’s a key difference. Certainly, a lot of things get brought over, but a port is trying to take a PC game and graft it onto a console.

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NYC_Gamer2344d ago

i like this approach by blizzard to build the pc/console version separate/from the ground up.wish more studios would follow this method.

Persistantthug2344d ago

--The firm has also spoken to the major console manufacturers, which Wilson said have been “been eager to work with” Blizzard, but he still expects a bit of “negotiation” to still occur regarding the online component.--

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So does this mean they are going to bring BATTLE.NET, or at least a version of it, to consoles, Something like PS3 Steam?
Are Blizzard planning on the same monetization strategy?

Letros2344d ago

I think it's safe to assume Blizzard would want integration with consoles. They are going to make a ton of money off the Real World Auction House purchases, item selling for real money.

Tdmd2344d ago

Stop teasing and do it already! Or at least announce you are bringing your game to consoles. Please!

gamingdroid2344d ago

Then they should work on StarCraft: Ghost!

Reborn2344d ago

Hopefully, a true confirmation comes out soon.

Chnswdchldrn2344d ago

There aint two ways about it, they start making this for consoles the PC version will ultimately suffer, they always do.

I'm not looking at this as a fan boy I'm looking at this realistically

The day that console players stop settling for "good enough" in terms of quality for their games, is the day that gamers universally will benefit from it

reynod2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

I completely agree. I am currently playing Fable 3 on the PC, i just bought it because it was 14 usd on a steam discount. I really dont know how console gamers can enjoy this game. It looks like the game has been made to cater to people who are braindead. There is no skill or anything involved in the game. There is no sense of character progression. It just feels i could finish the game spamming the X button.

I dont know how any hardcore gamer can enjoy such games that are so badly dumbed down. Diablo 3 would have to be significantly dumbed down to cater to a controlpad gameplay, Yes consoles do support Mouse keyboard, however how many console gamers prefer that? not many, most of them would prefer to play with a control pad and since control pads can be no where near as accurate as the Mouse the experience will most likely be dumbed down.


Its not about piracy mate. Games sell very well on PC. Just about as well as any individual console infact. However because a developer can cater to 3 platforms on the same budget then why cater to only 1?

PC has more exclusives this year then the Xbox 360, and probably is on a tie with the PS3. However Exclusives are for Epeen status only, they dont really mean much its only for the fanboys to rant about. In the end with the current trend games are getting dumbed down like it or not.

SJPFTW2344d ago

if PC gamers stop pirating games than maybe the PC platform would stop losing its once great exclusives

NYC_Gamer2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

we don't care about the game being exclusive we just want the title to make proper use of our hardware/features.......this is not about piracy but more about why limit your studio to one platform...blizzard games already sell millions now they could expand that fan base.

Letros2344d ago

Games that "work" on consoles should be on all platforms (Diable 3 in this case), games like StarCraft 2 will never work to the same degree on consoles without a M/KB requirement. Blizzard doesn't settle for mediocrity, they have some of the highest standards for their games in the industry.

kevnb2344d ago

so what are they going to do to stop the consoles from losing exclusives? A few first party games a year isnt much if you think about it, the pc still gets the most exclusive games at the moment.

SJPFTW2344d ago

so your building a $1000 gaming rig so you can play F2P MMO's and world of warcraft ?? LOLOL

gamingdroid2344d ago

The correct way to put it is either of:

a) if there is enough PC gamers...

b) if PC gamers, buy games...

There are far more games big games sold on console than on PC, and that is why it is getting the support that PC isn't.

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No_Pantaloons2344d ago

This is blizz testing the waters. They've done this time and time again, somehow people don't seem to notice. But make no mistake today's "wouldn't it be cool if," is really tomorrows "guess what we're doing." They just need to set up the ground work and gauge the response so they're not blindsided when they do announce and pc gamers go ape s*** about them "selling out" their loyal fans.
I'm not complaining in the least, but its just so transparent...

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