Binary Domain rated 15 by BBFC. Features 4 hours and 15 minutes of cut-scenes

"SEGA's futuristic squad based shooter Binary Domain has been handed a 15 certificate age rating from the British Board of Film Classification due to it's depictions of "strong violence".

The listing also reveals that game will feature 255 minutes of cut-scenes (that breaks down to 4 hours and 15 minutes)."

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SeraphimBlade2256d ago

This whole GAME didn't look like it would be 4 hours long.

mynameisEvil2256d ago

Damn, that's a lot of cutscenes. Watch us get a couple minutes of gameplay before another cutscene. Basically, I'm gonna bet it'll be an interactive CG movie.

GraveLord2256d ago

Now I'm interested. A game with that many cutscenes must have an interesting story.

Marquis_de_Sade2256d ago

Metal Gear Solid aside, what is your reasoning for such a comment?

TenSteps2256d ago

I'd have to agree with Marquis, I mean quantity doesn't mean quality.

ShoryukenII2256d ago

If it does have a good story then this is great. If it doesn't have a good story then this is useless. But this interests me as well because of how much fun it would be if it does a good story.

Acquiescence2256d ago

A video game about marines fighting robots has more footage to watch than David Lean's Lawrence Of Arabia.

How the hell did that happen.

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