Skyrim Teaches Adorable Little Girl About Bullying

This 3-year-old girl is about to learn a tough life lesson: Never attack a villager in Skyrim or the guards will come and get you. That or, don't be a bully. One of those.

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360ICE2408d ago

...But what about the parenting?

dark-hollow2408d ago

But People don't want to be sword!

Fred-G-Sanford2408d ago

Allowing a 3 year old child to watch and/or play violent video games makes you a pure D-bag, plain and simple.

I wonder what other wildly inappropriate things are being done with this child...

inveni02407d ago

Your comment is ignorant. I allowed my son to play Uncharted when he was 3, and he's not a violent, cruel, twisted or otherwise vulgar child. He's actually a very sweet kid (now 7) who does great in school, has won the approval of his teachers, and has a large number of best friends.

Video games don't influence children as long as the parent is proactive in teaching them the difference between fantasy and reality. But that's true even if kids don't play games at all. If parents aren't proactive in their child's social and emotional development, then the child will be lost to society anyway. (And that doesn't even include people that are genetically ill.)

ConsoleCreature2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Agreed, not cute, not funny and no "teachable" moment.

Heartnet2408d ago

twas cute :P at the end atleast hehe :)

360ICE2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

@Some of the posts below on this site

This isn't about parents being overprotective. I mean maybe parents can be too careful around games, but this is a 3-year-old girl playing a mature rated game. I'm sure she'll turn out fine, but it's not really worth taking the risk of exposing her that early to something she will have plenty of time to choose whether or not to see later. Give that girl a doll, a football and an ice cream and send her out to play in the snow! (I have to keep up with my "ice" thing)! She's 3! ...3!

Rashonality2408d ago

my heart is melting ^^

cutest little girl ever

Ares84HU2408d ago

I'm not sure if Skyrim is suited for a 3 year old little girl. This is why we have problems in our society. Because of bad parenting.

You might think this is cute, but it's not ok by any means.

ConsoleCreature2408d ago

Apparently @dark-hollow had some crappy parents as well.

inveni02407d ago

You can never block your child from everything. It's important to teach your child how to choose right over wrong from a VERY young age, so that as they age, enter school, and start seeing things that you can't control, they already have the tools they need to do what's right, to be kind, caring, respectful children as they grow into productive adults.

I find video games to be a great way to start introducing these mature themes to my kids when they're young. I remember the things I heard on the school bus--the things I saw. By monitoring video games, I can be certain that my kids have a good grasp of how to handle the real world and all the crap that comes with it.

Grip2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

yah she might kill her father with axes lol.. i see many bad things when i was kid.. i didn't grow up killing ppl

Ares84HU2408d ago

Guess what, I saw things I should have seen when I was young and I didn't kill anyone either. But, my parents limited those bad things as much as they could and they never subjected me to any kind of violence like this. Even if I have seen anything like this it was always explained to me. But at the age of 3 I don't think I've seen anything like Skyrim.

You have to draw a line and know what you can show your 3 year old daughter. Skyrim isn't one of those things you, as a responsible parent should show your 3 year old. No excuses.

achmetha2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

@Grip: Same here. I've played extremely violent games (Mortal Kombat) since I was a young child and I turned out fine.

Not really sure if these people are serious about this guy being a bad father as they clearly have no idea what parenting is about.

It's not about limiting what your child sees nor completely blocking "wrong" or "bad" images/ideas from their mind- that makes them extremely naive and ignorant.

Good parenting is having your child see these things and teaching them what is right and what is wrong.

In this video, she clearly knows what she did was wrong and therefore the game DID teach her a life lesson.

Edit: added was after "...what she did..."

Pozzle2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I don't think people are saying the girl will turn into a murderer. But adult scenes/themes CAN scare kids and give them nightmares. The ratings on the front of boxes aren't just there to prevent kids fro becoming murderers.

Hell, I know people who had nightmares over stuff like Sesame Street's Count... or can't go near horses because Black Beauty scared them as kids. And those things are relatively tame compared to Skyrim. With that being said...the girl looks like she's having fun and I doubt she's old enough to understand most of what's happening on screen, so she doesn't look too traumatized.

KaBaW2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Just wondering.. how's that bad parenting? You don't know what their teaching her.
She did say "People don't like to be sword," or, don't like to be hit. A good lesson.
'Bad parenting' would be for her to go to school, hit someone and not be punished.

ConsoleCreature2408d ago

Unfortunately Skyrim did not teach this DAD how to be a good FATHER.

Heartnet2408d ago

Whats wrong with his parenting? Theres no evidence to back up violent video games effecting behaviour :) just the murderers word for it :)

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