Painkiller: Overdose Reviewed by IGN - Highway to Hell

Painkiller: Overdose is a throwback of sorts, to a time when the phrase "first-person shooter" meant only that - the shooting of stuff from a first-person perspective. No confusing rules, no weirdo storylines, no RPG or adventure elements. Just tons of demons and/or monsters, almost as many forms of weapons, buckets of good old-fashioned blood, and more severed body parts than a chop shop. Like Doom, Quake and all those other straight-up shooters before it, Overdose is all about high-speed mouse skill, twitch reflexes, and inherent aggression. Though it feels a bit more dated than its Painkiller predecessors - the series began in 2004 - the latest installment nevertheless manages to crank out a gory, fast-paced good time that should please anyone with a strong distaste for murderous beasts from hell.

Overall score: 7/10

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NRG3953d ago

I wouldn't recommend this game to any fans of the single player of the original Painkiller. Your main character is absolutely demented looking, especially once you see his arm, in-game. The weapon design was awesome in the original. You started with a weapon (the painkiller gun) that both looked, sounded, and performed pretty badass. You were only tempted to switch away from it when the going got tough. Now it's just some stupid cube that breaks up and spirals at people. While most of the guns are pretty much the same for damage, rate of fire, etc... they're all incredibly dumb looking and sounding now. IE the shotgun is some boney looking thing that shoots shards of bone fragments at people. Your starting weapons is just some random severed demon head in your hands that you turn towards the enemy and it magically shoots a completely straight red laser.

Even though the game went through some visual enhancements (bloom, other post-processing effects) it's not a vast improvement over the original. This is disappointing because your frames will make it feel like it should be. I half wonder if this is even made by the same people who made Painkiller.

Loopy3953d ago

Overdose absolutely rocks.
Stop whining because you don't have the stake gun, or because you don't like the new weapons. Different characters (Belial instead of Daniel who's dead anyways...), different weapons, different monsters.
Overdose is different from Painkiller in many aspects, but it's got the same recipe for uber fun: fast paced mindless crazy action.

The only gripe I have with this game is the long loading time, which hasn't changed from previous version. Compared to Crysis which requires much greater resources but the respawn is quasi-instantaneous...