Today in History: November 19th, 1998 - Half-Life Sets FPS Gaming on Fire

Triverse writes, "Half-Life was a unique game from this new company called Valve Corporation (they eventually did go on and make something called Steam for PC). By this time in history, there were a ton of titles using the Quake engine doing their best to emulate id's tour de force but Valve was different. Valve went another direction, they added a story to the mayhem, added many scripted events (think cutscenes but using the game engine so they are not so jarring to the immersion factor)."

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fluffydelusions2351d ago

Ah memories...what an awesome game. I remember playing this over the lan at work

triverse2351d ago

I have, to this day, never played Half-Life multiplayer for whatever reason. lol Awesome single player game though and one that we salute at RGM.

Solidus187-SCMilk2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

This is my favorite game I think. It was so great for its time, I still like it and when I play it I will still be impressed with how great all the scripted sequences and the game itself is set up. Like how the tram starts going really fast and out of control and you fly off the track by some solders who start shooting at you. Well you also run right over a solder and he turns to chunks.

That skyrim guy fighting troll reminded me of how I love to watch AI battles in games like doom, and Half-life is another game with awesome AI battles.

Like solders getting destroyed by a giant monster who shoots fire. The music that goes along with these parts is awesome too.

Treverse, the half-life 1 multiplayer itself isnt that great, but the free mods like counter-strike and day of defeat were awesome.

edit- Also, shooting down helicopters and stuff in half-life was awesome.

This game has something important, a lot of enemy variety

ConsoleCreature2350d ago

Spelling and grammar are your friends.

triverse2350d ago

I haven't played HL in years but have been steadily collecting mods and such for it recently, seems like today is a good day to install it and some of those mods and give it a run.