Why do you choose a female character?

A look at some possible reasons why male gamers would choose a female character over their male counterparts when given the choice.

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zerofourseven2313d ago

Its just a matter of choice, it isnt wrong to play as the other sex

Tanir2312d ago

I pic a female character in fighting games because they are faster

and in a game like saints row, or elderscrolls etc I pic a girl sometimes because well.......if i have to stare at the back of a character for 20+ hours it may aswell be a womans whether it be a 3d render or not.

always vote female backside over males!

DarkSymbiote2312d ago

Playing as a female is fine but please don't use that same old tired excuse.

nix2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I believe in women empowerment and I like it when I'm the one empowering her. q:

Getowned2312d ago

Exactly Tanir :P bubs for truth.

Most of the time I play as a guy in games where you can make your own charactor because I like to make my charactor look like me and run around with a huge giant sword that is 2x bigger then I am because Real men carry swords bigger then they are.

"It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron."-Berserk


JBaby3432312d ago

Gotta agree with Tanir. Women are naturally more pleasing to the eye whether in real life or in games so I'm more inclined to choose them over males. Both are fun to use though and switching between male/female provides a good change of pace.

NoobSessions2312d ago

Any RPG I normally pick the guy, just case it feels more right. But in fighting games, normally the girls tend to me more fast and/or badass, or I just like them better.

Example: Noel from Blazblue. Her special involving ramming you with like 200 bullets from a gattling gun out of nowhere

The_Nameless_One2312d ago

I usually play a female because I have no desire to look at a man's ass for that long. LOL

Foxton012312d ago

Recently picked a female high elf in Skryim.
I wanted to make a really evil mage with black eyes, dark makeup and black hair. Female simply had better options for this.

Tonester9252312d ago

*Shakes Head* Drooling over a female body made on a computer? That's like watching Hentai. Sick World.

If I have a choice in the game then it will always be a male character. Especially if you are able to create your character. Then I would always try to make myself. If i was a female then i would pick a female.

CrescentFang2312d ago

@ Getowned I like the way you think ^_^

Lord_Sloth2312d ago

Guess you're not too comfortable with your sexuality then, are ya.

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Tony P2312d ago

On a personal level, I pick males because I can invest myself in the character more. Also, it's very awkward to get romance dialogue options with male NPCs.

On a design level, I feel it really doesn't matter. Beyond a romance option, it's not like anything in any game is set up to cater uniquely to anyone but males so who cares?

You're basically playing the male version with a woman skin anyway.

iJihaD2312d ago

I just Don't wanna hear a guy MOANING all the time if i got hit. ^^"

AAACE52312d ago

For me its simple... I like girls, like to look at them, they are entertaining!

I believe others see it the same way, however, there are people who pick characters based on who they wish they could be.

Usually if someone picks a big hulking guy, they have an inferiority complex in real life. Or if a girl picks a tough chick, same thing.

There are too many psychological reasons for this too explain.

vickers5002312d ago

When are our homework assignments due, professor?

Lord_Sloth2312d ago

Not every1 selecting the same gender has an inferiority complex, ya know.

thetest2312d ago

Probably because that's about as close as I'll ever be to a female.

Dark General2312d ago

I never used to play with female characters until a few times I played with my father in fighting games when I was a pre teen. I wondered why he would always choose women in whatever he would play given the choice and he said "Well they have to be in the game for a reason right, why not try them out?". After that once I got back into fighting games I picked a female character just to see how they play and she played extremely finesse which matched my style. Ever since then I'll try out female characters to see how they play since they usually require more finesse compared to the male characters.

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Sanetoshi2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I think for a game like Skyrim the gender gap in terms of who's playing it is fairly small. It's a big release and it's not marketed in a way that targets men specifically. Statistically, the woman audience for video games is a lot bigger than it is often given credit as being.

That aside, the reasons given for why men might play as women in these games seem to be pretty accurate, with the exception of the escapism bit. It seems to misunderstand the perspective of trans women somewhat, though it's nice in that it recognizes how this freedom in a game would appeal to them.

The only other thing I'd say is it's not necessarily a chance to view things from the perspective of women, because of who's writing the stories, who the stories are being marketed to, differences between real world behavior and video game behavior, etc. The sentiment that it allows players to experience a story through the eyes of someone who does not necessarily reflect themselves is true, however.

Anywho, good article about an interesting topic.

Nate-Dog2313d ago

Depends on the type of game for me, if it's something like an RPG where I can choose freely what gender my character is (and therefore can customize them too) then I'll usually try both sides of the coin to see what differences there are (unless it's an extremely long game which takes me months to get through, although I might at least try it and see if I can continue it on). Of course I'll usually go with a male character first since I'd feel I could relate to them better / make a somewhat realistic version of myself in-game, but that doesn't mean the playthrough with a female character would be of much less value.

PhoenixDevil2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Sorry for picking you out individually but this is something that always annoys me when I personally play games like Skyrim, Dark Souls where you make your own character - this character I make I have no interest in the slightest, I suffer from simply not caring about my character, yeah I level them up equip them with weapons teach them skills in order to destroy enemies, but through all the dialogue options, important choices that are made, dramatic events that happen I still feel that my character is a shell and totally disposable

Maybe its because I generally prefer JRPGs where the characters have personalities and voices and feelings that mean something and then I just level them up with the skills how I want to play, I find that combo brings a lot more immersion to what I'm doing and more importantly why, throughout the whole of Skyrim I have felt massively underwhelmed about what I'm doing and why when I'm supposed to be the amazing dragon born but it just feels like there's nothing there

This turned from a quick question into a wall of text, but back to the point do you think its just my approach to playing skyrim or that these form of games are just less immersive?

Nate-Dog2312d ago

Heh yeah I know what you mean, there is a sort of distance you can tend to have from your character at times in games like that, I finished Fallout: New Vegas a few weeks ago but I never really had any connection to my character. I tried to make a version that looked similar to me, failed, and after taking a massive break with the game of a few months, the type of decisions I made in the game completely changed so I don't even know what sort of character I was particularly left with, but sometimes that can be the fun of things because you really do have the power to completely make and/or break everything yourself as opposed to always having one thing or another always pre-determined.

I've played Mass Effect a number of times (aswell as ME2) which is sort of a mix of both, obviously nowhere near as open-ended as an Elder Scrolls or Fallout but which still gives you some big choices and I have always felt really immersed in my experience. I suppose sometimes the openness of a real RPG like Elder Scrolls games can make you feel a bit far away from everything (at least that's how I have become detached from Fallout games where I play something like 10-20 hours and then get bored and leave it for weeks if not months) and that sometimes things are just too wide open.

But it's just what you like yourself really, you shouldn't feel like you "have" to prefer something like Skyrim to something like Mass Effect because it's more of a raw RPG, if you prefer to have something that gives you a bit of freedom but which for the most part carries you along like in a linear game then you should just embrace it and enjoy it really. As for your approach to games like Skyrim well I feel the same way as you really, I try to get engaged with my character but sometimes feel as if I can't as much as I'd like but I try and not let it dull my experience.

Sorry if that didn't really answer your question lol, I'm still a bit of a newbie to the real RPG myself to be honest!

PhoenixDevil2312d ago

It was a great answer thanks :) yeah Mass effect is a good example of mixing both, though from the demo I wasnt too blown away by Mass Effect 2s shooting but may have to pick it up sometime, but its an interesting topic I'm actually about to go play Skyrim cause I saw some awesome conjuration spells being used and the advantage of such an open ended game is that chances are I can just go to wherever and learn it so I'm just gona go have some fun with that :) thanks again

Aloren2312d ago

You shouldn't play mass effect for its shooting mechanics. It's decent, but not what should draw you to the game. If you get the chance, try playing through ME1 and 2, you might end up being really surprised of how immersive it is. In no time you'll start talking about "your shepard".

Alpha protocol is also a good mix... it may look dated, but once you get into it, it's a pretty interesting game in an unusual setting for a RPG(kinda short too)

Pikajew2313d ago

The Pyro is my favorite class in TF2. Sometimes you prefer to use them

JsonHenry2313d ago

I never choose a female unless for some reason the female has a special ability I like better. And in most games the female is just a skin with no differences to speak of so I always choose a male.

ShaunCameron2313d ago

Same here. I only choose the female character over the male character if it gives me an advantage in-game. But so far this generation that's been rarely. The only games I played as a female character are the ones where she was the main character.

morganfell2313d ago

In both Mass Effect titles I chose a female Shepard because of an ability the male Shepard did not have.

She had a voice that didn't sound like Elmer Milktoast.

Before the release of the first game I heard the male Shepard say,

"I'll find a way to stop him"

and that just came across as the dorkiest, dweeb, slide-ruler-in-the-pocket-prot ector comment and I knew at that moment I could never go through an entire game listening to that grating voice in my head.

If I close my eyes during that part I see Sherman instead of Shepard. I expect any second Mr. Peabody is going to come in and correct him.

JadedWriter2312d ago

That's practically the same reason why I picked FemShep as well. Jennifer Hale rocks in the Mass Effect series and pretty much every other game she is in.