160° - Call of Duty Still King as Raptr Findings Show Dominance over Battlefield

Everyone's favourite video games feud came to a head recently. Raptr, the leading video games service that tracks playtime, shared some very interesting findings on COD Vs Battlefield.

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Areeb112289d ago

orlly? A game which has sold millions of copies more than its competitor is DOMINATING!? Sweet Jesus.

0neShot2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The article is saying dominating not only in sales but user base. And in video games, it is all about sales that really matters in the end for a game. Why don't you think EA has been trashing COD all year?
So, just like in the XBL charts, MW3 dominated BF3, that is if you consider BF in the same league as MW considering a 25% only BF3 market share is still not on par.

Kinetix2289d ago

I'm not surprised. COD is the madden of FPSs. I have not and will not buy it but gotta give props to activision for creating this monster.

dorron2289d ago

I don't think anybody was expecting BF3 to sell better than MW3, but to be better in quality as a game, which it has obviously achieved.

cr33ping_death2289d ago

so now its quantity over quality?? that equals "king" what a time we live in.

gcolley2288d ago

DICE have done an excellent job if you follow their progress on console from modern combat through to BF3 all the time improving and evolving the game.

Aside for a couple of cool SP levels way back in CoD4, what has Activision done to progress this genre? nothing, they are not interested in that, just remaining the generic mass market shooter king. This is fine but just don't claim otherwise.

So what you have is 2 completely different approaches to the industry and still very interesting to follow. My concern is EA getting CoD envy and start dictating how DICE make future BF games as seen in the evolution of SP from BFBC1 to BF3 (Semi open world to scripted handholding).