blipREVIEW: Need for Speed: The Run (PS3)

Gamesblip writes: Want to know how to f*ck with businessmen dripping in midlife crisis? Show them the intro to The Run. You’ll actually be able to pinpoint the second when their heart rips in half...

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TopDudeMan2437d ago

So is that all there is to the game? Or is this review lacking detail?

velocitygamer2437d ago

I don't even think this 'review' should even be called a review.

Adeeyal2437d ago

Iv got the game and its awesome, lots of content in there. Id compare to COD, you've got your single player and the enjoyable multiplayer. Then you have a load of missions on the side to do. I find that reviewers are marking the game down based on the story as opposed to the actually quality of gameplay.