5 Great Game Series That Got Off To Rocky Starts

They may be considered classics now, but all of these game series came from more humble beginnings.

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Kran2135d ago

I wish people would stop posting the games in the tags for lists like this. Otherwise, we know what games they're talking about and there's really no need to look at the article.

Pikajew2135d ago

I agree. It happens for every site but gameingbolt

Kran2134d ago

I dont do it with my articles :/

kevnb2135d ago

call of duty 2 was awesome online for pc.

jony_dols2135d ago

I'm surprised that Killzone 1 isn't on this list!

Relientk772134d ago

Killzone 1 wasnt bad. It was like decent/good. However, yea that is a good example of another franchise

kevnb2134d ago

killzone 1 was painful to play, compare it to red faction or time splitters.

Derekvinyard132134d ago

well timesplitters is just boss. they need a 4 imo. but yea KZ1 was not up to par with any great shooter of that time. when i got it i was soo pissed it wasent good

ShaunCameron2134d ago

Would Mega Man count? Not like the 1st one was bad, but MM2 really made the franchise a contender.

Kyosuke_Sanada2134d ago

After the funky box art I think it deserved a spot....

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