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5 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Video Game at Launch

November is a huge month for the video game market. There have been ton of big title releases over the last few weeks, and video gamers everywhere are both rejoicing and lamenting. Rejoicing as fantastic Triple A titles are released, and lamenting because their wallets are empty. Good news for the financially struggling gamer, however, as there is hardly any good reason to buy a video game at launch anymore. Sure, you get access to all the new content ahead of everyone else, and sure, there’s plenty of inside jokes you may miss out on. However, buying a video game at launch is nothing but trouble these days, and here’s why. (EB Games, Gamestation, GameStop, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Tachyon_Nova  +   1354d ago
Terrible list for why you should NEVER buy a game at launch

1: The game is broken - Most games have at least some bugs, but rarely are they 'broken'

2: The game is expensive - Not always, and even so sometimes it is worth it.

3: The content is missing - Sure DLC might come, but I rarely ever buy DLC anyway so why would I wait for it to all be avaiable before buying the game?

4: The content is dissapointing - Really, every game ever released has had bad or at least dissapointing content at launch? Honestly I'm not sure the author thought that through at all as it is clearly wrong. Content rarely changes greatly after launch save for DLC.

5: The service is down - No, thats only on EA games.
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Ares84HU  +   1354d ago
You know, they are right in 4 out of the 5 points.

AS for the content being disappointing that is something subjective.

If you wait a year you can get the game, patched with all the DLC on one disc for $39.99 usually. But that is the version that should have been released on day one but it isn't. Most games are milked to death and you end up paying close to $100/game if you don't be careful. It happened to me with Battlefield Bad Company 2, Burnout Paradise, most CoD games.....just end up spending on DLC that will be released later in a "Ultimate" or "GOTY" edition for much less.

It's bullshit but that's how it is. The question is....can you wait that extra year meanwhile your friends play the games??
elmaton98  +   1353d ago
Do what I do and you'll save a tons of $$$ don't buy dlc for cod people don't play the new maps as much as they want you to believe trust their not worth it.
Raoh  +   1353d ago
Ares84HU -

AS for the content being disappointing that is something subjective.

If you wait a year you can get the game, patched with all the DLC on one disc for $39.99 usually. But that is the version that should have been released on day one but it isn't.



I am an old school socom fan and i love 3rd person over first person. so i bought socom 4 not mw3.

what sold me on skyrim is that it was a better oblivion. just like gta4, it wasn't a new game it was just a better running gta3 series.

with that said..

I am done with day one purchases. even the $20 gift cards from amazon are becoming less appealing.. because a broken game @ $60 but with a $20 gift card is still a broken game.

Honestly with mods, all I need is oblivion on pc and unreal tournament 3 on ps3.

It's why I stopped buying sports games. just updated a few players and uniforms.. its the same game @ $60 a year.
Akiba96  +   1353d ago
@elmaton98 or you could do what I do and don't buy call of duty.
vickers500  +   1353d ago

Burnout Paradise? They released quite a lot of content FOR FREE. Day and night cycles, motorbikes, the custom soundtrack feature on ps3, a bunch of free extra game modes and a lot more trophies to earn.

The only paid DLC they released was Big Surf Island (reasonably priced) and some extra cars, but nothing that was essential to having a good time with the game. Burnout had a ton of cars without DLC, and a ton of terrain to drive around without Big Surf Island. Not to mention the constant patches they released to fix things, the improved interface with really cool web integration (related to burnout of course).

I can see how you might have gotten screwed with Bad Company 2 (having to wait a few days for it to be playable), but Burnout? I can't think of a single game that had as much support after launch than Burnout did.
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Vaud-Villian  +   1353d ago
Pre order bonus trumps the entire list. Oh and my CE of Demon's Souls is with over $100 bucks now.

The examples are weak at best as well, duke Nukem?! Really?! Of course it was 1/2 off 4 months later, it was obliterated by the press. Can we say because DCUO is free now that if you wait every game will be free in 10 months?

Don't even get me started on robust, populated multiplayer versus a ghost town. Buy bioshock 2 right now on the cheap and tell me it's as good as an experience online as it was at launch, I dare ya.
NEW-AGE  +   1353d ago
Yeah So they'll remove the Hot Coffee Mod, or Take out Other OS feature and Backwards Compatibility... So it wont RROD , im apples case , Cause Next Years will Be Better
Derekvinyard13  +   1353d ago
best piece ive read on this dam site in a while. 100% true
showtimefolks  +   1353d ago
I Will give you fee of my biggest reason:


Most games within a week or two of launch are 20 bucks off. Look at the new AC walmart selling it for 39.95

Many games these days need patches to actually fix them so it's good to buy a month later but get a fixed game and save money most times at least 20 bucks

If capcom is releasing a game I will wait 10-12 months just for them to release the complete version which usually comes within one year of launch

Bathesda is launching a game I would wait few months for them to actually fix the game most if not all if not games need many patches but they do make awesomegames I give them that, plus waiting isn't bad when you can get the GOTY edition with 4 to 5 different dlc packs

I went to blockbuster to rent rage the cashier told me for 8.95 I would get the whole month and man am I glad I did that in one month

Batman 2
Resistance 3
Ratchet all 4 one
Uncharted 3
Saints row 3
NBA 2k12

Now that's what 8.95 should get you.

For me my next game purchase will be in march 2012 when mass effect 3,bioshock and hopefully early next year jak and Dexter hd collection

My advice is become a CAG member(cheapassgamer.com) and wait for great deals save money live better and play more
TheFact003  +   1353d ago
Some games after a year a $60. Look at Black Ops and MW2 is still $40. WTF
KwietStorm  +   1353d ago
You got more disagrees than agrees. So all of you never buy games at launch? Never? I thought we were all hardcore gamers around here. I'm quite tired of all these 5 reasons bullshit lists getting promoted on here. If I've waited a couple years for a game to release, then I'm gonna get it the day it releases. Here's 1 reason why all these lists don't matter: It's my money, and you're not gonna tell me what to do with it.
Dee_91  +   1353d ago
Reason #1 Human Contact
trolls cant function near actual humans
Trainz  +   1354d ago
The main reason is that most damn games release a bundled edition a year later with EVERYTHING like patches, all dlc and stuff on the disc at a much cheaper price.
It just defeats the purpose of launch purchasing.
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1354d ago
Yeah but I just dont have the patience. Imagine after waiting for GT5 for so long, you put it off for another year or two for the complete version.
LOGICWINS  +   1354d ago
Good things come to those who wait. UC3 will be $30 at Bestbuy just a couple weeks after launch.
BlmThug  +   1354d ago
And whoever got bought GT5 recently instead of on release, they got the complete version from the get go because they will have fond Spec II ready whereas day one buyers had to wait a year
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1353d ago

Im sorry dude but did you read what you wrote? So day one buyers had to wait a year for spec 2 and the people who waited the same time got it sooner?
gamingisnotacrime  +   1354d ago
i say, if you have the money, BUY the motherfker at launch
i love my recent purchases, is all in the nae of gaming haven!!!!
rattletop  +   1354d ago
i think the last-gen games had better quality at launch than this gen. all u had to do was pop in the cd and play. now there's atleast 1 patch release to fix bugs within a month of launch.
optimus  +   1354d ago
Nowadays it's more like within day 1...as soon as I got battlefield 3 and modern 3 from the store they both needed updates.
OcularVision  +   1354d ago
Most last-gen games had no multiplayer and tonnes of glitches. That is why there were no patches. One of the top multiplayer games last-gen was Halo. Halo got patches.
ConsoleCreature  +   1354d ago
I have not picked up ONE title this generation on launch day. I stopped that during the PS2/Xbox days. I waited 2 weeks on Gears and got it new for $39.99, waited till this weekend on Uncharted and got the same deal online.

Anything in the Fallout/Elder Scrolls series are automatic waits for GOTY editions. There are plenty of titles to pick up every year without shooting your load on a $60 a game plus $10 to $20 on every DLC. I don't want a $100 game, I'll wait for the $49.99 GOTY every time.
Candy1  +   1354d ago
Good potential IP's deserve due contributions for games to exceed.
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Fruit Loops  +   1354d ago
i go cause of the free food that they give... chick fil a, pick up stix, and energy drinks :DDDD
SDF Repellent  +   1354d ago
The only games that I will not buy at launch are games from Capcom. Second thought, I don't buy their second version of the same game 6 months later either, because a third version will eventually comes out. I am debating on Ultimate MvsC 3 now.
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SSultan  +   1353d ago
If you are a casual fighting game player then I agree.
gypsygib  +   1354d ago
I buy a lot of game at launch, often buy the time they come out I'm starving for a new experience, but I buy A LOT of games.
kevnb  +   1353d ago
Some games you just can't wait for.
mttrackmaster38  +   1353d ago
True that.
flyinrhyno  +   1353d ago
it got so bad i preordered mw3 from amazon hard edition but since it wouldnt show up till release day afternoon i went to wallmart picked up a copy, made sure to open carefully, so i can seal it up and return it the next day to get my cash back once my hardened edition showed up. not my proudest day, but i couldnt wait. :(
dorron  +   1353d ago
After all the DLC milking I just started waiting for GOTY or complete versions two years ago. Now I never buy recently released games...can get a better version with all the content and just for 20€ one year later.
MerkinMax  +   1353d ago
Pro Tip for midnight releases.
Go at 12:20
That is all
SSultan  +   1353d ago
I can only think of one reason... Hype. Why else would you buy a game at launch if you aren't hyped for it. Hype can be your best friend or your worst enemy when you pop the game in at home.
2fk  +   1353d ago
100% true i dont hype anymore...for example i had no hype skyrim then i got it and now im blown away by it
FreydaWright  +   1353d ago
Man, I just love these "Five Reasons" articles. Not once have I thought to myself, "I'm growing tired of this repetitive, unoriginal, and superfluous material." Not once.
admiralvic  +   1353d ago
This writer should be banned cause there is not always a solid A = B logic here.

1) Most games work from the start and the majority of patches actually do minor things. Many of the 1.01 patches you see in PS3 games simply add trophies. This is due to the fact if the game has a hack, they can resolve it (or have a better chance to). I've played most games at launch and only a FEW (mostly beth) have had issues. None of which were ever truly resolved either.

2) So many games get day 1 deals. Places like amazon were offering BF 3 LE + DLC for 60 + 20 credit. This is becoming a very common trend... Even some games like Splatterhouse had a WHOPPING 30 usd credit at Kmart. 30 usd for Splatterhouse on day 1 is in no way that bad. Games rarely drop sub 10 and if they do it's used. Some games like Resistance 2 just never hit the sub 20 point save rare clearences.

Transversely you can usually buy a game with promo and then sell it for close to that amount. I bought Dead Rising 2 Off the Record for 40 + 15 credit. Played it for 2 weeks and sold it to Bestbuy for 28 usd. This actually gave me enough playtime with 3 usd profit.

3) Most games don't have UGC console side. The ones that do usually are plagued by trophy whores looking for trophies or something that gets them points/hearts/whatever. Yes LBP might have 2,000,000 levels, but how many are H4H half assed attempts?

In addition most games don't get lower priced DLC or it comes so late in the games cycle that it's useless. I remember getting the Resistance combo pack and while I got a month with the maps for free... who was still playing 2 when 3 came out?

4) Horrible example as expectations were more so high than something was missing. Ultimately you can always rent/read a review...

5) This maybe common with PC's, but is rare with console games. Also this argument exists more as a negative against you too. Many games like Singularity, Bodycount, Bulletstorm, etc all had onlines that died out very fast. While you pay less, you also get less content as no one is even playing 2 - 3 months later.

I can do this all day, but these/this article simply state pointless information and call it journalism... quite sad in the end.
TBONEJF  +   1353d ago
Yep That's why I always wait for like 6 months after it's release or two months if I'm desperate to buy it. Each game always have glitches then you have to download update for the game itself
StarWolf  +   1353d ago
only reason to buy a game on launch is if your a competitive gamer and need the best start to learn the game. oh and fighting games ! other than that, wait a few weeks unless you were a fan
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majiebeast  +   1353d ago
Almost all my games are day 1 here in the netherlands prices dont go down fast at all. Plus i buy allot of collectors edition latest being the limited edition of skyward sword.
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skyblue14213  +   1353d ago
It is second nature for me to not buy games on launch day, hardware is a different story though. I usually wait until the game drops to at least 2/3 to 1/2 price before I consider getting it. And by the time I get a game any bugs/glitches are probably fixed/patched

Besides, who has the disposable income in this bad economy to plop down $60+tax for each game? I know I don't. On rare occasions when you get a new game system and there is barely any games out yet at that time or a budget title is available for $30 or $40 then I can see paying full price. Otherwise I wait for a price drop before getting any game 99% of the time.
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gcolley  +   1353d ago
really depends on the game and the maturity of the gamer.
tiffac008  +   1353d ago
I say follow your instinct.
If you can't wait and wants to badly play the game then go ahead and buy it.

If you can wait because you feel a complete version will come out down the line or wants to buy the game at a cheaper price after a few weeks, then you can do that too.

There is no right or wrong here. It all depends on the buyer.
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Mr Tretton  +   1353d ago
I personally am done buying games at launch. 1, because I've spent more money this gen on gaming than ever and I need to roll that back a bit (just bought a gaming PC too) and 2, I'm tired of paying full price for games at launch for them only to have issues.

I've also got plenty of games now that I've never finished or played to keep me occupied than the need to get something day 1, which is ultimately, completely not important. I'll still play the games, just with bigger savings at cheaper prices (that are patched and at their best when I buy them), which allows be to buy more games anyway.
Morituri  +   1353d ago
My sentiments exactly
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BrianC6234  +   1353d ago
If there was a game to not buy at launch this fall it's Skyrim. Everyone knows those games are always full of bugs. Wait a month and then buy it. Or maybe wait until after Christmas and see if someone has a sale. Unless you have no patience. If that's the case don't complain when your game crashes.
Dogswithguns  +   1353d ago
I don't anymore, coz Im not a gamer freak like used to be.. I can wait.
Somebody  +   1353d ago
5 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Video Game at Launch :

Rage...nearly pre ordered it/bought it first day. Lucky I didn't.
TheWolverine  +   1353d ago
i did buy it first day. wat a sad day that was... worst game ever.
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TheMrMadzen  +   1353d ago
I got enough money and I usually buy collector editions.
JohnApocalypse  +   1353d ago
I think these reasons are crap except for the service is down
Morituri  +   1353d ago
I didn't even need to read the article. I came up with this concept a long time ago. Bottom line is, games are just way too expensive. The economy is in the crapper and they want me to spend 65 dollars on a game? And then a week later release dlc for another dig at my wallet? Not anymore. From now on I wait for the Goty editions... With all the dlc, all patches, bonus content AND a major price drop.
retro  +   1353d ago
Yeah, all good reasons. Still I want to be there day 1.
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