Skyrim: The Most Beautiful Texture Mod For Environment? (FXAA Injector)

Pinoytutorial: FXAA Post Process Injector is an amazing mod created to add realism and layers of effects that deeply permeates with Skyrim's graphics. And we're happy to inform that its first clip is now uploaded showcasing its breathtaking sceneries along with before and after shots.

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CrimsonEngage2431d ago

Uh... Not seeing any difference aside from making the game very vibrant...

RedDead2431d ago

Same, does look better but still.

NRG2430d ago

It's hard to see in the video but it adds a lot of sharpening, contrast, saturation, and a few other post processing effects.

aawells072430d ago

Thats pretty much whats its supposed to do there sunshine.

xAlmostPro2430d ago

Agreed, it seems like they've just changed colour saturation in my opinion

ninjahunter2429d ago

It changes alot of subtle things, after all its just post proocessing. things like color correction, image sharpening, image blurring(FXAA) HDR enhancement, so on so forth, nothing your going to notice unless your looking for it.

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thedarkvault2430d ago

yeah just looks like it adjusts brightness/contrast and saturation. I'll wait for the real graphic enhancer mods.

NRG2430d ago

I tried this two nights ago. This video doesn't doesn't do it justice. Here's the link to the most popular version of this mod:

Personally, I find it far too aggressive. You can't tell from the youtube compression but the sharpening and saturation is ridiculous. It makes the game look too grainy and the colors become too exaggerated. Luckily, you can easily change it to a degree of your liking if you understand the scripts and the math.

aawells072430d ago

I DLd this and it looks awesome so glad i did. The video doesnt do it any justice tho. Your better off trying it out for yourself as its a very fast and simple install and if you dont like it you can just uninstall just as easy. Well done uploader.