Are These the Best Modern Warfare 3 Players in the World?

Kotaku - There appear to be at least two Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players in the world who have essentially leveled up 800 times each. Eight hundred times.

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-Mezzo-2343d ago

Cool, great KDR to go along with that, i have a KDR of '1.58', which i think is pretty average.

Septic2343d ago

Just because they have prestiged a lot doesn't mean they are the best players, just that they play A LOT.

LackTrue4K2342d ago

vary true!!! i have gone to online matches and beat the hell out of higher rank players all the time on killzone 3. "im not braging, im just saying i go in with a mind set that they will be better. THERE NOT!"

NEW-AGE2342d ago

If There the Top Players in COD they probrably rank around like in the 5 Millionth Place in BF.... This is an Embarassing Skill, what if i wire my laptop to my Ps3 and have it play for me Headshotting anything Moving on the Screen and Just Keep it WINnING!! Will i be considered the best,...pretty sure its hard to beat a computer at Chess , if you told it NEVeR to could easily build a stragety to take out anybody.... AimBot

TooTall192342d ago

A win percentage of 77% or 87% is very impressive.

Black-Helghast2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


You BF fanboys never get tired? seriously..where theres a Mw3 article, theres 50 BF fanboys. I don't even like Mw3 or BF3 but gosh..trolling Mw3 doesn't get old for you guys?

jony_dols2342d ago

How do you kill that, which has no life?

jeseth2342d ago


Battlefield Fanboys are getting petheric. SO much for the dent BF3 made into CODs sales ... if anything the BF Beta propelled people towards COD even more!

Hahahaha. Funny.

On Topic. The Win/Loss ratio is the most impressive!

vickers5002342d ago

I know for a fact that Ernest Le got the game early (was watching a livestream of him, probably still up on, so that has something to do with him being at the top of the leaderboard.

Hudahudahuda2341d ago

Well both games suck and are played out anyways. I'm sure sales will drop for the next cod

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Optical_Matrix2343d ago

For Call of Duty, that's above average in my honest opinion. Loads of people I know claimed they were sick at Modern Warfare 2, I recently got it on Xbox and the average K/D is below 1.00 and these people play for hours. I've not even played for half that amount of time and my K/D is 1.33 and rising. Can't be fucked to play it anymore though. Got bored, really quickly.

Also Septic, very true. I know someone who hasn't prestige that many times but has a K/D of 3.1/3.2 in Modern Warfare 3 so, you know...


@Jony Dols

princejb1342342d ago

wow 128 hours thats like 5 straight days and some change
and their k/d aint that impressive, mines is 2.14 with only 19 hours in

RyuCloudStrife2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

some people play the objective instead of taking it easy and watching how many times they die vs how many they kill. I for one am that type of player, I dont care how much I die I can go 25-18 but I'll secure that #1 spot on the lobby. Trust me on that.

The only thing I care about is being #1 in the lobby. Some other guys go 10-3 good for their K/D but they #4 or #5 on the lobby, IMO u sucked.

HardCover2342d ago

The longer you play, the harder it is to keep a good kill/death ratio. Duh.

torchic2342d ago

i agree with both The Science Guy and HardCover

i usually go in a match and play objective. i'm almost always top 3 in a lobby because i'm securing and defending those objectives. even worse is that i don't play in a squad. i one man it every night. so my K/D isn't the best.

it's also true that the longer you play, the harder it is to keep that K/D ratio up.

hakeem09962342d ago

Ernest Le is a YouTuber and an MLG gamer so i guesss thats his job .

Berserk2342d ago

I agree. Although as said below, reaching max prestige just mean you play alot :P

rdgneoz32342d ago

Yah, 120+ hours is a bit compared to most...

gypsygib2342d ago

Wouldn't average k/d be 1.00

FreydaWright2342d ago

I guess the real question is - is this something to be proud of? There are actual soldiers, sailors, and marines who do this on a daily basis. To them, it's not a game. Games are played for luxury and entertainment - nothing more.

KwietStorm2342d ago

No, that's not the real question. It's not that serious

FreydaWright2342d ago

To some people who spend literally hundreds of hours of their lives to perfect pressing the "R1" button, it's pretty serious.

RankFTW2342d ago

Soldiers, sailors, and marines get to prestige 10 in 127 hours on a daily basis?

Scary692341d ago

With all the hacking going on in this game, leaderboard does not matter to me, nor to many people I know.

Nikuma2341d ago

Ugh putting so much time in such a garbage game must of been rough.

SITH2341d ago

That is a pathetic kdr. Wtf makes you think 2 kills per death is good!?

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Tomonobu Itagaki2342d ago

Around 2.0 of K/D ratio? That's pretty low for top players, especially considering they have nearly 80% of win percentage.

geth1gh2341d ago

They are TEAM players. If they are playing capture the flag, they are going for the flag even if everyone else on their team is playing tdm which happens more so then not with most of the players.

So yea, putting into account the average cod players, then I am actually surprised that their k/d is that high.

Also, why has nobody mentioned the possibility of boosting? Not saying it isn't legit but going through 800 ranks in 11 days or so? Seems kind of skeptical even for the best players with no lives...

Ethereal2342d ago

That seems really low in terms of hours to reach tenth prestige....

dcortz20272342d ago

Ok, they either have no damn lives at all and only play MW3 all day, are zombies, or they share their account with other people. Their K/D is definitely above average though, not the best, but they are not claiming to be the best MW3 players.

aviator1892342d ago

Hmm, interesting, but I don't really care.

PRHB HYBRiiD2342d ago

u don't care and u

aviator1892342d ago

Um, yeah. I comment to express my feelings.

vickers5002342d ago


If you didn't care, you wouldn't have any feelings about this article.

venomcarnage892341d ago

and thats exactly what he said

geth1gh2341d ago

^^^ No thats exactly what SHE said!!!


vickers5002341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )


Which proves the point that he DOES care, otherwise he wouldn't have posted anything at all.

I don't care about Lady Gaga, but I don't butt into peoples conversations about her proclaiming to everybody that I don't care about her, I simply choose not to chime in.

He cares, he doesn't think it's important, but he definitely cares.

irepbtown2333d ago

Not caring = a feeling.
The feeling that you dont care.

Is caring a feeling?
If so, not caring is the opposite of that feeling.

Just saying...

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