Characters with Character: Link from The Legend of Zelda

It is hard to put into words the actual impact a character like Link has on people growing up with him. The timeless, sword-wielding, green-tunic wearing, fairy boy is perhaps the most widely recognized mascot in the video game world next to fellow Nintendo stalwart Mario, the emblem of an entire generation of adventure fans since his debut 25 years ago. Now, with over sixteen different incarnations of the eponymous hero, Link has already secured his position as one of the greatest video game characters in the world.

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Tanir2250d ago

lol um just cause the game is fun it doesn't mean people should lie. its one of the complains that link has NO character, he cant talk, he has no emotion, he changes almost every game, the only thing i know about him is that he is a loud mouth yelling sword swinging, pot smashing, grass cutting maniac

Pozzle2249d ago

Uh...did you even read the article? It's actually a well-written and well thought out analysis on Link as a character and the mythology that Nintendo have based the LoZ series on. This pretty much sums it up:

"And that, to me, is Link’s strength as a character. He is a symbolic representation of the hero in all of us, the hero we escape to when we play video games. For all the complex narrative structures, the long scenes of dialogue and the established characters’ own pathos explored within the games structure, The Legend of Zelda has always been an exception to the rule because of its mythological roots. Link becomes a representation of this ideal easily, which is why the love for the character, and the entire Zelda franchise, is near universal."

NukaCola2245d ago

Link has a lot of character and one of those (like me) when you grow up with you really see it. But he isn't there for himself, Miyamoto created Link to be a shell you take control of. You rename him your name, you become the adventurer. Legend of Zelda is created from the inspirations and adventures Miyamoto had as a kid playing in the woods or in caves and such. Link is voiceless and always full of a learning mind. So, if you are saying Link has no personality, then you really are saying you have none.