Minecraft for the Xbox 360 Trailer

Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade in Spring 2012, “Minecraft” for Xbox 360 will bring the global phenomenon to console gamers for the first time. “Minecraft” for PC has sold nearly four million copies during its alpha and beta phases.

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Silber2403d ago

I dont like Minecraft, but the Trailer is awesome funny:)

kingdavid2403d ago

Looks better than the ps3 version.

Pikajew2403d ago

Looks better than BF3 on max settings

CommonSense2403d ago

Odd, I am a Minecraft fan and I thought the trailer was lame as hell.

Micro_Sony2403d ago

LOL - I love it!!!!!!!!!

He said holy ghost ahahahahahahahaahahah

wallis2403d ago

This made me miss the shit out of playing minecraft. I really hope 360 players enjoy it and that the xbox version does the game justice. It's nicer when game experiences are shared instead of divided arbitrarily amongst certain platforms. Not only because a lot of people wind up missing out on great games but also because of the putrid rectal wart that is fanboyism.

younglj012403d ago

Those are tha worst actors of all time......

TheOtherTheoG2403d ago

They're Mojang, the developers of the game.

younglj012403d ago

Yes I know who they are but as actors they are the worst.

It funny how people are so quick too disagree before even thinking logical once in a day...