I give up…Call of Duty 12.3 million in a week? They’re their only competition

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:
I can imagine this coming out of any developers mouth that works on games not named Call of Duty. But Jeez louise! As I read that very newsworthy piece of information..I had to chime in with that very quote.

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CrimsonEngage2431d ago

Not sure what's more sad, the fact people keep buying this game every year, or that this is Activisions only game which can bring them money.

T9002431d ago

Well the most amount of money they make is from World of Warcraft. However yea cut out Blizzard and Activision really has nothing left.

darthv722431d ago

I mean i can see there are people that dont like the game. Fine, they can like what they want to like. No harm no foul. COD and BF are not my style of games. I like Halo, Gears, KZ, Resistance....

Yet this game is popular and millions of people buy/play it each time a new version comes out. I think if you were a fan then you would be excited for the company. Yet to hate on it because you arent a fan is pointless.

Obviously the formula Activision is using works for them. There are other products out there that are better but it isnt always the better that sells the most.

In fact it isnt even about who does this or that first its about who can sell their product better. EA, Sony, MS, intendo etc are all looking at this game and thinking wow we wish we had that kind of success.

Hating on a game is just as futile as hating on a game system you dont have. It is pretty common to hate what you dont have but when you get it then the hate subsides.

Go figure.

RioKing2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

^Careful, defend cod again and be prepared to be declared a fanboy :)

I know all too much about that...

Ashby_JC2431d ago

Nothing sad about it IMO. What other game offers what COD does???

Im not a huge COD fan..I prefer BF type game not blind. I can clearly see WHY COD games sell so well compared to other shooters.

They are easy to play, lots of action, lots of things to unlock etc etc. Great marketing..Ohh and its very fun.

I would LOVE to be in activisions position as a business!!!

gamingdroid2431d ago

Yup! Very well said.

COD is an awesome game, but if you don't like it, just ignore news about it. Getting tired of hearing people complain about CoD. Go play your other games instead of caring about what others do with their money.

It's as if somehow, YOU think YOUR game preferences matters more. Sorry to disappoint!

brish2431d ago

Cod is clearly for people who like to have fun playing games. Wimps!

I play Dark Souls. I cry every night before I go to sleep! :-(

Outside_ofthe_Box2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I'm willing to bet that next years CoD will not out sell MW3 both day one and week one wise.

I just have a gut feeling about it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2431d ago

lol @ the disagrees.

Remember you saw it here first.

I just can't imagine CoD selling over 13 million in one week. I just can't. I truly believe that CoD has reached it's peak with MW3.

mendicant2431d ago


The only sad thing are the people being douchebags about other people having fun-that's what sad.

Derekvinyard132431d ago

I feel like GTA is a good Compediter. this next one will sell alot

GraveLord2430d ago

Not sure you know this but there are MILLIONS of people are buying COD for the FIRST TIME every year. Its not only the same people over and over again.

hqgamez2430d ago

GTA V is the only game I think has a huge chance to beat or come close, but I doubt it.

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GamerElite2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

It's like Activision has people brainwashed in their cult. A mediocre FPS game where all you do is run around shooting each other. It's not different from any other shooters and yet people still buy it more.

dark-hollow2431d ago

Cod haters are more brainwashed than the fans

silvacrest2431d ago

...that makes no sense

all im gonna say is i dont no what COD offers to these 12 million+ people that the other shooters didn't

Pixel_Enemy2431d ago

silvacrest, well you can play COD without turning on your brain. That is a plus for many of those 12 million people. Especially since after years and years of playing the same game, it is muscle memory by now allowing you to become a mindless zombie while you play.

RioKing2430d ago

Pixel_Enemy speaks...yet all I hear is the "bah" of a sheep.

Contrary to popular hater belief, you have to use your brain to be a consistently good cod player. Don't use your brain, just have fun being the one getting raped by other players.

Ever heard of a thing called Hardcore Search & Destroy....go try playing that with no skill and no brain, I DARE YOU.

jdktech20102431d ago

Tons of hate on the internet and it obviously one wants this game at all.

It's a fun game to get in and out of (which is a big deal since our lives are so busy these days...especially if your in college or graduated) and it's twitch based fun. It's basically instant action.

I play Halo, BF and COD as my multiplayer games so I switch it up depending on my mood that day but to say COD is mediocre when it's a sales and hype phenomenon every year I think is a bit asinine.

And don't give me the sales doesn't equal quality because if people weren't happy with the quality of the game they're buying, they wouldn't keep buying later iterations of the initial game. While I think it's true some very good games go under the sales radar, it is an indicator of the quality of the game or franchise

Ashby_JC2431d ago

Its cool to HATE on what popular.

Remember when Halo was top dog and it got alot of hate?

If the roles were reversed and BF3 was the HOT it would be getting the same hate.

COD is a good game for what it offers. It offers what the fans of that game want.

I prefer BF3 over MW3...I understand why a COD player would NOT like BF3. Like you stated...MW3 you can jump in and out to get a quick game in.

Not so much in BF3.

Sales dont equal that its a great game. BUT for the 12 million ppl who purchased the game and the other millions who will be getting it before the year is over. Its what they like and who am I to tell them different?

ShaunCameron2431d ago

Indeed. This is yet another case of people being bitter just because what they don't like is getting all the attention while what they do like is not convincing themselves that whatever's popular = mediocre and whatever's unpopular = great. Some people got some serious unresolved self-esteem issues to adopt such a snobbish attitude. Isn't it kind of ironic that they would call the masses dumb yet they themselves are too dumb to understand the one eternal fact of life: ONE MAN'S TRASH IS THE NEXT MAN'S TREASURE, or DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS?

flyinrhyno2431d ago

finally a bf3 fan who sees things objectively. with a two year old sometimes i can only sit and play for 15-20 min at a time. jump in kill some people make dinner, jump in kill some people bath time, jump in kill some people bedtime. bf3 takes awhile to get in the action, not that realism isnt a bad thing but i love the fast paced heartpounding action. to each their own is my mantra, if thats your cup of tea go have fun be merry but stop slinging mud on my side of the fence because my opinion is different

gamingdroid2431d ago

People don't buy sh!t repeatedly, unless there is no better sh!t!!!

jdktech20102431d ago

You should watch the south park episode about jaded consumerism in the world? It pretty much sums up your comment and I feel sorry for you that it's that bad for you

JoeReno2431d ago


And that's just it. There are better FPS. I don't hate the game. I don't love it either, but the annoying thing is when people act like its the best thing since sliced bread when there are better shooter on the market that don't sell half as much. If its from lack of knowledge of what's out there or people just buy it because all of their friends are playing it doesn't matter (to me) because I know that its basically the same game that I've played and didn't care for all that much to buy yearly.

Elyxir-pSx2431d ago

The only game I think would out sale COD is a Final Fantasy 7 remake.

silvacrest2431d ago

nah, FF7 remake would be huge but not COD numbers

my best bet would be GTA5 but it NEEDS aggressive marketing because its not released annually so some might forget about it plus, it needs more san andreas, less GTA4

Ashby_JC2431d ago

At this point COD is THAT game....the hottest "IT" game going.

The fact its a multiplat is even better for the devs as it doesnt divide gamers.

At this point I dont see any current franchise taking it out. Each year the game comes out its bound to get BIGGER...because IMO the few that decide to skip it and move on because there bored etc....there are just as many NEW players jumping on board.

Like say your lil bro or sis or nephew who is finally old enough to play it. I say activision is in a sweet position as they have a solid money maker for the next who knows HOW many years.

I dont see Halo or Battlefield doing anything...both great franchises. But at this point COD...WONT be topped as far as sales goes...

...quality and gameplay...thats another story and VERY subjective.

Venjense2431d ago

COD is like Super Mario now, it's just a permanent and popular part of gaming now.

That being said, I skipped this version because I bought the last 3 so I'm sick of the formula, not saying the game sucks - just that I've played it too much.

radphil2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Honestly it's going to cave in on itself sooner or later given with the annual releases.

People already slowed down on the annual sports games.

The very huge flaw with many people arguing for this, is that they think that numbers = quality, which is not always the case.

That statement is NOT saying MW3 is horrible, and is in fact fun, but people conflict that by greatest sales must mean it's best game ever.

I RARELY see points from people for it explaining in detail why they think it's great. It's just the "It's great, deal with it" schtick.

I have a couple of bullet points into the pros of the game, but honestly, it's really tiring to see people defend the game by "It's just good"....The most vague reasoning.

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