Unbeatable Skyrim Gameplay Using Sixense Motion Controller

BrightSideofNews: A small startup called Sixense is bringing a next generation motion controller which makes Skyrim and other games - truly awesome.

We heard of Sixense thanks to Simon Solotko, former AMD social guru whose vision of Holodeck didn't found ground with the PC salesman who is now heading that company. AMD's loss was Sixense's gain though, since the team now is getting more and more vocal about this quite simply, awesome way to play games.

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miyamoto2288d ago

ah PS Move should have been as cool as this controller...

ApplEaglElephant2287d ago

with PS Move.

Not that i am a huge fan of Move, but its something that would have been cool to see.

xtreampro2288d ago

Is this more accurate than the the Move? I tried the PS-move on that table tennis game and contrary to what everyone else said I noticed enough lag to stop me from playing the game.

So imo controllers are still 100x's better.

GribbleGrunger2288d ago

but that's not real motion control! is he slashing? NO. will he be able to cast a spell by thrusting his hand out? NO. this is just a normal controller with some Sixaxis abilities.

mrsatan2287d ago

Yeah he is just sitting there and not moving at all. Looks no different than a console controller.

Yomaster2288d ago

O_o Didn't seem to be utilized much different from a regular controller. Let's see a few more demonstrations...

Bounkass2287d ago

I stil got my mouse. No lag there.

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