Excited for Black Friday

Looks like a few of the Goozernation writers are pumped up about Black Friday. Could it be the chance to get a 4gb 360 for less then $150? What about Batman Arkham City for $28 and Assassins Creed: Revelations for $34?

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Godchild10202434d ago

I plan on going to bestbuy that is right across from Gamestop to get a 42 inch TV to replace my 32 inch in the bedroom and a 24 inch for the bathroom. I also might have get a wall mount for the 42 inch to free up some room.

As for gamestop, I will be getting a PS3 and a 360. If there is anything left from my check, two controllers for the PS3, A copy of Rayman for the Wii and PS3, Need for speed, Battlefield and legend of Zelda.

kube002434d ago

Sometimes I wonder if I should just get everything online

PieMonster2433d ago

Last year I did all of my BF shopping online. I went to Best Buy later in the day to pick through what was left of Blu-rays. No lines for me anymore.

raytraceme2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I already got arkham city, sr3rd for $50 in total. It's fun being a pc gamer :D