Modern Warfare 3 will get “Lots of Updates” – PS3, Stealth Bomber, and Spawns Issues will be Fixed

MP1st - Robert Bowling, also known as Four Zero Two, shed some light on what we can expect from the developers behind Modern Warfare 3 in terms of patches and hot fixes.

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meetajhu2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I thought MW3 is a bug fix of MW2 oO

thugfears2256d ago

u come on this site and say the same joke about mw3 thats been said all year long. Get a life.

GraveLord2256d ago

Then where are the MW2 maps?
Where's the MW2 campagin?
MW2 spec ops missions?

Seriously? Where are all these things?

Ocean2256d ago

You would have thought big titles like this would be throughly Q/A'd / tested before release

thor2256d ago

They are - no doubt the QA team played the game, found loads and loads of bugs, and put them on a list for the developers to fix.

Then the release date approached, and many of the bugs on the list remained unfixed. Now there's always some bugs to fix, and a few will go through unnoticed, but activision's release schedule of 1 game a year puts tight constraints on what can get finished.

AdmiralSnake2256d ago

Good, until it get fixed, I won't be playing it at all, Back to FF13, Mass effect 2, Gundam and Assassin Creed Revelations for me.

NuclearDuke2256d ago

Because those games mentioned have so little bugs, right? Roflmao, so clueless.

AdmiralSnake2256d ago

What bugs do FF13 have ?

No you're clueless because the games I listed don't have near the amount of bugs as COD MW3, Shut up and don't reply to a comment if you have no idea of what the hell you're talking about.

I haven't encountered any bugs on any of these games so far, FF13 has never had no bug, least none that I heard of and Mass effect 2 got patched a long time ago for their bugs, Gundam never encountered one either.

MRHARDON2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

“I surely didn’t see bugs (in MW3) like I saw elsewhere”

says Glen Schofield when asked why they only needed 1000 people to play their game compared to the 8 million participants in the Battlefield 3 beta.

Avernus2256d ago

lol after how many games released on the same engine? There are still glitches, bugs, latency issues, and spawn problems?? They couldn't even copy pasted the updated versions of the previous titles?!

"Just copy the old code guys. We'll fix the game a few months down the line."

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