Too Human dev diary Episode 2

The 360 just got all those killer apps in 2007, there are coming a lot more in 2008 and Too Human is one of them.

The wait is long, but Silicon Knights just wants to tweak and make it the game they want. It'll be worth the wait, Xboxkings is pretty sure about that. This video gives an insight in how Too Human is having it's 'flow' and the 'Engagement' factor. New ingame footage included in this Gamevideos footage!

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TheXgamerLive3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I love how their both utilizing flow, as to raise or rather eliminate your sense of the world around you when you play and instead completely immerse you in the game. Too Human is being done the right way, the engine is looking good and we know the story is incredible. I'm fully supporting this title.

This story line is going to be un'godly good, ....or should that be godly?:)

Probotector3798d ago

I don't know about this game, it has been in development for like a decade and still looks bland for me.

TheXgamerLive3798d ago

So yes while it has been out there for years it's really only being developed for some 3 yrs.

TheMART3798d ago

Exactly, it was first supposed to be an XBOX 1 game if I'm right, but what they wanted they needed more powerfull hardware for.

Yes it has been in development for some time, but it's freakin' Silicon Knights. They are quality. I want to bet the game will be damn awesome!

TheXgamerLive3798d ago

I think since they had the UE3 troubles, they've taken advantage of that time and found ways to improve the game, make it more immersive. SK is doing it up right.

mesh13797d ago

TBH its a great thing they scrapped UE3 on this game as to me that engin is getting DATED and the bugs are anoyying like waing for textures to load and stuff this game will be right next to mass effect as 1 opf the greatest next gen rpgs of modern times ps3 seems uncapable of doing games longer than 10grs maybe the low ram ?

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Probotector3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Actually, Too Human was supposed to be on the PS1, there are even some images.

ThisIsWaiting3797d ago

the 360?

Its been in a development a looooooooooooong time.

I hope it kicks ass though ... SK has a history of making just awesome games.

UltramanJ3798d ago

After reading the new EGM, I'm once again excited for it. A character driven action game like God of War melded with the online dungeon addictiveness of Diablo? Yeah, color me happy.

green3798d ago

-this game is going to be really really good.Hopefully just a couple of months left

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The story is too old to be commented.