10 Well Known Franchises That Went Down Hill

If life has taught me anything, it’s that all things must pass. You can’t live the high life forever, and you can’t subsequently sit in a slump the whole time either. This particular lesson sadly applies to gaming franchises as well, with certain classic game series seeing a sad decline over the years. Join us as we set out to poke fun at ten well known franchises that have gone down hill over the years.

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seriousslycooper2290d ago

I'm praying Tony Hawk makes a comeback.

Septic2290d ago

Here's the list so you don't have to go through 3 pages:

Tony Hawk
Guitar Hero
Spyro the dragon
Duke Nukem
Star Wars
Crash Bandicoot
Silent Hill
Final Fantasy

Trainz2289d ago

You made the article lose out on hits.
I think a ban is in place!

Canary2289d ago

Nice to finally see someone else helping to fight against the hitbaiting drivel flooding n4g.

GamersRulz2290d ago

I would add DMC and Tomb Raider to the list.

Pozzle2288d ago

I'm still bitter about Devil May Cry. There's still so much that Capcom could explore with those games...Vergil, Sparta, more about Dante's past, etc. :(

Relientk772290d ago

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Final Fantasy make me very sad. I loved those 3 franchises

CrimsonEngage2290d ago

No call of duty on that list. What a fail.

FlameHawk2290d ago

That would be stupid since Call of Duty makes the most money of all the games so its really hard to say that they fail.

slayorofgods2289d ago

people keep forgetting how bad the series has gotten and keep buying it for some reason.. Why? I will never know.

megaworm252290d ago

i thought final fantasy xii was awesome

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