Bowling on Modern Warfare 3 Banning Process - "We'll Stay Vigilant"

MP1st - Robert Bowling talks about Modern Warfare 3's banning process.

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S_C2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Cant remember if it was on here but i am sure i saw a article saying that the have already banned 1600 people already

Edit: here's the article

Derekvinyard132098d ago

i will be suprised if they life another finger to ban anyone again. this is without a doubt a scare tactic. besides they cant ban everyone

Ronaldo852098d ago

Besides banning cheaters and boosters.I think we should label them in some way.Perhaps a "cheater" or "booster" label when you see there gamer tags in lobby's.

DirtyLary2098d ago

Kids today would wear that as a badge of honor.